The Builder Circle by Pratik: The Hardware Startup Success Podcast podcast

The Builder Circle by Pratik: The Hardware Startup Success Podcast

Sera Evcimen

The premier podcast for hardware entrepreneurs and builders to build a successful hardware product/system and company. Think of the episodes as a curriculum for anyone wanting to build a hardware startup!

Being a hardware founder or team can be a daunting task with long lead times, low budgets, high risks and many unknown unknowns. The podcast aims to demystify the methods and processes to follow to tackle the difficulties in the hardware startup world with digestible and practical conversations with hardware engineers, hardware entrepreneurs, venture-creation specialists and hardware investors.

The host, Sera Evcimen is the Founder of Pratik, a hardware advising and coaching company, passionate about helping builders plan ahead, reduce technical risk and build their hardware venture successfully.

Every episode ends with a TL;DL (too long didn't listen) to summarize key takeaways and aid in establishing your next steps in your hardware venture. If this sounds like you, welcome to The Builder Circle, I am so glad you are here and I hope that the podcast acts as a strategic partner as you continue your product development journey!

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