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The TransUnion-Neustar Identity Mash-Up - E163

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Explore the logic behind TransUnion’s $3.1 billion acquisition of Neustar, an identity resolution company with caller ID roots – and why it would catch the eye of a credit reporting agency. Plus, Apple’s victory in the Epic Games lawsuit and what marketers need to know about the privacy features in iOS 15.

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    A Lackluster Black Friday - E173


    Black Friday didn’t have its “best year ever.” We get into the supply-chain issues and consumer-behavior changes behind the shift. Plus, how UK antitrust investigators are gaining oversight over Google’s Privacy Sandbox.
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    The Big Story: Zoom Ads And Apple’s App Ad Budget


    The antitrust angle to Apple buying ads for apps with high subscription revenue, how Zoom’s advertising play could develop and why Unified ID 2.0 still hasn’t started testing in Europe.
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    McFirst-Party Data


    Big Macs, Oreos and Heinz all have something in common: They’re using a combination of celebrity endorsements, big creative budgets and gimmicks to entice consumers to share their first-party data. Plus: Why digital advertising could be left hanging by the IAB’s public policy power vacuum.
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    The Big Story: The DTC POV On Identity Loss - E170


    To understand how direct-to-consumer marketers are handling the loss of identity signals online, special guest Chip Malt, CEO of the cookware brand Made In, shares his take on testing UID 2.0  –  and even pursuing identity-less radio – to adapt.
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    Big Tech Secrets - E169


    The business practices of both Facebook and Google came to light in unflattering ways over the past week. We go over highlights from The Facebook Papers and the recently released unredacted antitrust complaint against Google released. Plus: A recap of AdExchanger’s Programmatic IO conference in NYC.
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    The Mobile Consolidation Paradox - E168


    Even though Apple is putting stress on the app advertising ecosystem, mobile ad tech companies are consolidating at breakneck speed and with eye-popping valuations. Guess it’s finally the “year of mobile” as an increased focus on privacy triggers an uptick in M&A.
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  • The Big Story podcast

    The Facebook Whistleblower - E166


    If Facebook chose profits over safety, as the Facebook whistleblower alleges, what does that mean for advertisers? Plus: potential marketing repercussions from Facebook’s outage.
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    The Big Story: The Rise Of CDPs And The End Of Last-Click Attribution


    We discuss the rise of CDPs and the decline of two other marketing stalwarts: last-click attribution and Nielsen as the currency for linear TV buys. In all three areas, opportunity is knocking, as new tech and new companies seek to replace aging tech and measurement standards.
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    Everyone's Launching An Ads Business - E164


    Instacart, Uber, Affirm and GoPuff are getting into advertising – and there’s a common thread driving their pursuit of profitability through ad businesses. Two biggies: killer attribution and access to young, digitally native audiences.

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