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Big Macs, Oreos and Heinz all have something in common: They’re using a combination of celebrity endorsements, big creative budgets and gimmicks to entice consumers to share their first-party data. Plus: Why digital advertising could be left hanging by the IAB’s public policy power vacuum.

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  • The Big Story podcast

    Google Gaslighting? - E180


    Google tells its side of the story in a motion to dismiss the antitrust case it’s facing – but where does the truth lie? Also: Google unveils its cookie-free Topics API, a rundown on California’s follow-up privacy law (CPRA) and a quick explainer on the latest privacy bill to hit the Hill: the ominously named Banning Surveillance Advertising Act.
  • The Big Story podcast

    Google’s Legal Drama Laid Bare - E179


    Are you ready for Google’s most recent legal drama? We cover the latest – and newly unredacted – eye-popping details from the state-led antitrust lawsuit against Google. Plus: the tech hiccups responsible for your most annoying CTV ad experiences.
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  • The Big Story podcast

    More Ad Tech IPOs Ahead - E178


    A sneak peek at ad tech IPOs that might happen in 2022, along with a deep dive into Instacart’s advertising ambitions and why T-Mobile bought rideshare advertising company Octopus Interactive.
  • The Big Story podcast

    Ad Verification Turns Up The Heat - E177


    The ad verification space is full of green fields to expand into. Case in point: 2022 immediately kicked off with an acquisition by IAS and $100 million in funding for Human. Plus, interoperability and first-party data come together in NBCU’s first-party data platform.
  • The Big Story podcast

    TV Drama (Rerun)


    One of the most compelling soap operas of 2021 was the TV measurement debate. As the year ends, here’s one of our best reruns: the moment Nielsen lost its MRC accreditation.
  • The Big Story podcast

    Ad Tech’s 2021 Payout - E176


    2021 brought both bounty (IPOs) and challenges (targeting). As ad tech surfed the wave of IPOs, it also weathered attacks on targeting and measurement, as online privacy increasingly became a priority for governments, platforms and people.
  • The Big Story podcast

    Mega Mergers - E175


    Vox Media buying Group Nine Media is the latest media mega merger to watch. Plus, Criteo buys IPONWEB. Both acquisitions are part of a strategy to find space unoccupied by Big Tech (and impervious to the demise of third-party cookies).
  • The Big Story podcast

    BuzzFeed Goes Public - E174


    BuzzFeed’s debut on the public market disappointed, but its advertising business is growing (and it’s planning more acquisitions). Plus, digital advertising in 2021 grew faster than it has in the history of advertising. We explain why.
  • The Big Story podcast

    A Lackluster Black Friday - E173


    Black Friday didn’t have its “best year ever.” We get into the supply-chain issues and consumer-behavior changes behind the shift. Plus, how UK antitrust investigators are gaining oversight over Google’s Privacy Sandbox.
  • The Big Story podcast

    The Big Story: Zoom Ads And Apple’s App Ad Budget


    The antitrust angle to Apple buying ads for apps with high subscription revenue, how Zoom’s advertising play could develop and why Unified ID 2.0 still hasn’t started testing in Europe.

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