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The Bare Performance Podcast is hosted by Nick Bare, the founder and CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition. We focus on topics around fitness, nutrition, supplementation and the mindset required to improve your performance in and out of the gym. It is our goal and mission to help optimize your health, performance, business and life as a whole with the Go One More mentality.

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    #98 - Work Stress Induced Hemorrhoids & The Downfall Of Many Entrepreneurs


    This episode of the Bare Performance Podcast takes us behind the scenes as Host Nick Bare and his team gear up for a turbo-charged season of growth. Bare Performance Nutrition is on the precipice of great new things and ready to soar – an exciting lift-off that wouldn’t be possible without years of trial, error, planning and perseverance! When he founded BPN just about 10 years ago, Nick could only glimpse the many lessons he would learn throughout the ensuing journey. In this episode, he shares thoughts on where the company has been, big plans for the future and his evolving definition of success. The team is just coming off an action-packed period in which they’ve hit a lot of big goals: Participation and filming at the Leadville 100 Ultramarathon. Release of a well-received documentary based on the Leadville experience. A big premiere celebration of “More Than Miles” in downtown Austin. An all-out celebration weekend for BPN Ambassadors from around the country. Primary sponsorship at The Rogue Invitational in Round Rock, TX, featuring topnotch CrossFit athletes, including some from the BPN team. A hugely successful early Black Friday roll-out that netted 25,000 orders in just a few days’ time. With all these milestones in the rearview mirror, BPN is focused on a huge shift planned for 2022. Going forward the company will have a wholesale/retail orientation that has required intensive planning, expansion of HQ square footage and many exciting changes, including bringing business functions in-house and hiring talented new staff to join the team. Nick’s Q4 update also includes important reflections on success (which Nick measures completely differently today than he did a decade ago) as well as the importance of failure. He offers a powerful lesson drawn from hard-won BPN experience. Hint for would-be serial entrepreneurs: New ideas and opportunities are going to arise. Don’t let them take your focus off the core business! BPN’s high-stress, high-stakes early Black Friday operation exceeded all expectations. The orders flowed smoothly, broke records and set the tone for a great holiday season (one BPN employees will share with family, thanks to their clever Black Friday pre-launch). As a friendly little public service, Nick wraps up the podcast by getting real on the topic of hemorrhoids, an affliction he first encountered in college. You’ll appreciate his candor, humor -- and the colorful information he provides! Click here to learn more about  "Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness," the book by Tim S. Grover that has contributed to Nick’s development as an entrepreneur. To view “More Than Miles,” the new documentary just released by BPN chronicling the 2021 Leadville 100 Ultramarathon experience, click here. (0:07) Intro snapshot of the pod: Marketing activity and growth that have occurred in the last quarter of the year – as well as a glimpse of what lies ahead for 2022. (2:20) BPN is at a pivotal moment, making the shift from primarily (85-90%) direct-to-consumer sales to a wholesale and retail business model with lines of big-box. (3:20) You can keep an eye out (and start asking) for BPN products at outlets such as GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe HEB grocery stores and Army & Airforce Exchange Stores (AAFES or PXs). (2:38) Accelerated community engagement just since August has included: Leadville 100 Ultramarathon Production of Leadville 100 documentary ("More Than Miles") – which the team put together in an intensive, intentional six-week period followed by a premiere in downtown Austin at the Violet Crown Theatre. Hosted an all-out celebration weekend for BPN Ambassadors, who enjoyed all kinds of fun activities in and around Austin. Primary sponsorship at The Rogue Invitational in Round Rock, TX, featuring topnotch CrossFit athletes, including some from BPN’s own team. Early Black Friday launch – a win-win-win for hardworking BPN staffers who were able to go all-out with their holiday shopping season push but also get ahead of the game, freeing them up for some quality time with family/friends over Thanksgiving Weekend. (PS: It was BPN’s smoothest Black Friday to date and netted 25,000 orders, including more than 100,000 units.) (14:25) If something goes wrong and the system breaks down on Black Friday, the opportunity and reputational costs are enormous and impossible to recoup. Nick shares just HOW stressful this reality is for him each year. (18:43) All About Hemorrhoids: Nick gets real about his history (including his first golf ball-sized experience at an inopportune time in college). (27:16) What’s on tap for 2022 – a big-growth year ahead: Bringing all business functions in-house, including marketing and communications campaigns. Honing in like a laser on BPN’s core business. Working with 20,000 square feet of new space, in addition to the 25,000 square-foot facility already in place. Shifting to a wholesale/retail sales orientation. (30:42) Nick explains companywide impacts when moving to wholesale/retail. Direct-to consumer is a relatively clean transaction: Upfront payment for product. Straightforward cash conversion cycles and inventory planning. Wholesale/Retail includes a different set of variables: Merchants offer different sets of terms, not always favorable. Negotiation is required to ensure that the deal is fair. Factors to be considered include pricing, profit margins, discounts, volume, terms of payment. There is an art to managing cash flow around POs (production orders). (31:53) Bringing a new CFO (chief financial officer) onboard at BPN has been among the most significant recent tactical moves, especially with regard to scaling the business and forecasting complicated cash conversion cycles. (34:10) Nick and his brother complement of each other. Where Nick is a natural with marketing, sales and mission, Preston’s strengths and interests lie in tracking, managing and optimizing operations. (37:30) You can only do so much by yourself. You’ve got to attract and bring onboard talented people who truly “get” the mission. Do that and “you can delegate responsibility and see teams just grow – just destroy it!” (38:43) There are no successes without failure. Nick shares thoughts about one in particular of his own! Confidence compounds, but at every stage requires more and more personal sacrifice and investment. As the cycle continues, often accelerating, it’s easy to start over-committing and saying “yes” to any opportunity. It’s a way to learn in the beginning, but as your business starts to grow the goal is to stay focused and on task, even amidst increasing, often tempting distractions. (41:27) 2017-2018 – Flush with new success and hitting seven-figure sales, Nick saw an opportunity to start a new company and become a “serial entrepreneur.” He went all-in on Lost Supply Apparel (you can hear the whole story here) but the systems, foundations and infrastructures just weren’t there. Nick and his team were spread too thin and everything (especially BPN’s core business) suffered. (47:20) The good news on failure? It’s the best – maybe the only – way to grow. Nick really enjoys being able to share lessons learned, hopefully to save other new entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes. (49:22) Too often success is measured monetarily. What does your bank account say? What are your revenue figures? What you wear, drive, do. But that path often leads to a real sense of loneliness. True fulfillment is found in authentic purpose and a close crew who support you in that pursuit. (50:00) Compounding consistency: That pinch-me moment when BPN is up there with national brands at Dell Diamond stadium is a manifestation of the company-wide willingness to “go one more” – and ongoing one-foot-in-front-of-the-other effort required to get there. Failures are investments in future entrepreneurial success! “The one thing that makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur being willing and able to take massive action on things. You’re also willing to take massive action on things that come with risk.” Further Contacts/Resources: Bare Performance Nutrition: BPN's Instagram: Nick Bare: Nick's Instagram:
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    #97 - How You Manage Time, Energy & Distractions Will Make or Break You


    This episode of The Bare Performance Podcast features Nick Bare, who is sharing insights gleaned over the course of his entrepreneurial journey. His venture, a labor of love and all-out commitment, has reached an inflection point that surprises no one who knows Nick and his indomitable spirit. Guest Host Wyatt Knight digs deep and mines all kinds of gems about Nick’s path – from college and his first (faltering) start-up efforts through military service to his “all-in” years making BPN the success that it is. Unsurprisingly, persistence, faith and focus have been essential every step of the way. Learn about the stumbling blocks that torpedo so many would-be dreams – in business pursuits as well as life. Nick shares in vivid detail his best advice about the three ingredients that are foundational to making goals happen, even against great odds. Time, Energy and Distractions are the enemy and this episode of The Bare Performance Podcast spells out exactly why, as well as offering strategies for beating back forces that conspire to keep us down. Whether it’s susceptibility to peer pressure or too many hours invested in our favorite spectator sport, Nick challenges us to look critically at what we listen to and consume. Among the topics covered: The value in morning routines and the consistency required; what it means to “Go One More;” intentionality in all things, especially as relates to positive energy; and how “Flintstoning” your way through adversity is a show of respect for your own goals and dreams. Enjoy lightning rounds of “Quick Hits” that give us a window into Nick’s mind and world view as well as the powerful work ethic that drives him from the minute he awakens in the pre-dawn hours until he lays his head down at night to sleep. (04:10) Intro to this special episode, which highlights the “all-in” focus Nick has brought to each element of the platform he has developed. (04:57) On the eve of Black Friday, Nick is feeling a charge of momentum that reflects multiple channels of energy and purpose flowing together as one. The gas pedal is all the way down! (6:44) Nick had the vision, which was a start, but recognizing and deflecting distractions over the course of 10 years has been key to realizing BPN’s goals. (9:44) QUICK HITS: Wyatt has Nick give flash responses to big concepts: Austin, Texas: Inviting. That place where you can be whoever you want to be. America: Freedom, where you can achieve the American dream, military, power. Freedom: Something that can be lost and we have to fight to maintain. Purpose: Fulfillment. Passion: Necessary. Growth: A choice. 2590 Oakmont Drive: BPN’s first warehouse, which was a stretch financially! Signing that lease in 2017 was the start of an incredible, passionate journey. (12:45) All about Plan B. In short: There was none. Nick was “all-in” from the start and at all points throughout his endeavor.  (13:36) Nick had a degree in nutrition and some vague ideas about jobs he could pursue once out of the Army, but he was already onto another path. (17:27) BPN developed in some ways out of ignorance – and a blind commitment to making the business work.  No self-imposed limitations. No retreat from failure. Learning by doing. (18:30) Entrepreneurship is a buzzword these days, something that sounds sexy and fun. But the reality, as Nick has learned year over year, is entirely different. It’s grueling! (20:48) BPN’s turning point came when Nick finally shut out all the noise, disregarded peer judgment and the self-consciousness that come with curated social media (YouTube, Insta). From that point on he disregarded haters. There was no going back to 2012, when he let judgment and fear knock him off his mission. (23:30) Through the course of his military training, Nick acquired a new sense of competence and confidence that sharpened his focus. He learned that eliminating distraction was key to prevailing, whatever the task. He spent all the money he had on a new camera and that was it: His course was set. (25:09) Whenever he wasn’t on task for the Army, Nick was filming vlogs in his neon yellow tights: exercise, nutrition, recipes, workouts. And the platform started growing. (28:28) When people in his military unit finally got onto his YouTube channel and saw what he was doing, Nick was apprehensive. But – surprise! People had too much stuff of their own going on to sit around hating on his videos. (33:44) About light and dark: Nick explains his philosophy about pursuing the beacon, the positive, either being or following leaders with values, scruples, vision. (37:23) Nick reflects on the concept of balance and the ongoing challenge to bring intentionality to priorities and sacrifices. There are sprints and it’s up to you to communicate with loved ones and resist the temptation to overcommit.  (40:40) Deep Work: Nick is a huge advocate of putting the blinders on and turning off everything: chit chat, texting, emails, social media. Eliminating distraction ensures maximum productivity. (44:00) Going deep is what was required for Nick to build his brand. He couldn’t have done it – and created all the media buzz and product – without shutting out unnecessary distractions. (48:05) MORE QUICK HITS: Morning Runs: Nick’s absolute favorite! Saturday Morning Runs: Long, and even more of a favorite! Consistency: The most powerful thing Nick has ever learned to master. Motivation: Short-term, short-lived. Perseverance: Essential to getting where you want to be. Culture: It will make or break you. The Bare Standard: A product that came to life based on all the things Nick believes in. The “Go One More” Mindset: The entire year of 2017 was about “Go One More” as Nick broke through revenue targets to $1.7 million but had no cash flow and was constantly juggling to keep the bills on his wholly owned company paid. (55:06) Nick shares thoughts about the currency that is time – and how intentionality is key to generating the results you desire. Small talk is a wasted opportunity. (58:00) There’s being busy and there’s being productive. It’s all specific to individuals and their purposes – and being deliberate and setting expectations in all things. (1:01:38) There is tremendous power in having a consistent morning routine. Nick offers his best tips and tricks for creating a platform that sets the stage for the rest of his day: Starts with coffee, and thoughts are already percolating. Listens to an audiobook, just to further generate sparks. Out running: The train of thought starts to flow immediately and Nick finds himself coming up with ideas for everything from go-to-market strategy to disruptive tactics designed to drive the business forward. Nick’s #1 Action Item for jumpstarting your morning: Write your day backwards, laying out the milestones at every juncture mapping to your first hour of the day. (1:11:13) For Nick, morning is sacred because it’s what establishes and protects his routine – and that consistency is what undergirds everything going forward the rest of the day. (1:13:20) ONE MORE ROUND OF QUICK HITS: Responsibility: Everybody has it. Commitment: Not many people have it. Ketchup: Goes on everything! Eye contact: Lacking in this world. Doing hard things: Doing them every day! Failure: Expected. Army Ranger School: Training and experience that were pivotal to Nick’s life. Entrepreneurship: Nick’s biggest passion. (1:14:15) All about energy, which comes down to the entire mix and the atmosphere around you. Nick brings discernment to every scenario, looking at all the elements and choosing whether to invest his time there. It’s time you can’t get back. (1:17:00) The BPN ethic exudes positivity, energy and a self-reinforcing source of fuel that drives the whole team forward and towards new heights day after day. Nick searches out people and environments that fortify with optimism and avoids those that are an energy suck. (1:20:42) NICK RECOMMENDS THREE IMMEDIATE ACTION ITEMS: Be consistent. Being disciplined doesn’t just mean making your bed or going to the gym. It means fulfilling your goals day after day after day. Be responsible. Own that you have the choice as to what you do with your time. Take stock of the people surrounding you. Are they making the kind of impact you want? Do they share your sense of intentionality? (1:23:30) WRAPPING UP: What does it really mean to “Go One More” and how does Nick embody it? It’s not just going one more mile or doing an extra rep at the gym or doing one more project. It’s an ethic that transfuses everything you do at every moment of your day, inspiring you to exceed whatever it is you think you can do.  “Keep pushing the needle forward. Nothing stops me. Nothing is going to hold me back. There may be some speed bumps, but I’m going to find a way to get over, under, around or through any of those speed bumps or obstacles. That’s the mindset you have to have going into it.” Further Contacts/Resources: Bare Performance Nutrition: BPN's Instagram: Nick Bare: Nick's Instagram:
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    #96 - Deeper Into The Pain Cave Through Ultra Running With Courtney Dauwalter


    This episode of The Bare Performance Podcast features a woman who defines the spirit of ultra running. She does her own thing, listens to her body, intuits her course and revels in everyone else out there around her, driving on mile after mile. Growing up Courtney Dauwalter never gave a thought to the possibility of being a professional athlete, but her family did embrace an “all in” work ethic that has meshed perfectly with her talent for running. In this chat with Nick she reflects on her journey from school teacher to record-setting ultra competitor. She shares fascinating stories from out on the courses of the Moab 240 (perhaps her favorite race ever) as well as Bigs Backyard and Barkley Marathons (quirky and mysterious, respectively). Learn how Courtney stays on track even when the weather is pounding her or lack of sleep delivers hallucinations. It’s all about pushing herself to discover the limits of her mental and physical capability. With her long shorts and taste for beer and Mexican food, Courtney exemplifies what it is to trust in – and fully embrace – your most authentic self, even when it means chiseling further into the “Pain Cave.” Enjoy this inspiring conversation about what Nick and his guest have found in the ultra community. The camaraderie, sense of accomplishment and memories go well beyond the fitness challenge! You can find Nick’s documentary, “More Than the Miles,” about the Leadville 100 Ultramarathon here. And Gary Robbins’ “Where Dreams Go to Die” is available here. Click here to listen to/rate/review previous episodes of The Bare Performance Podcast. You can also find out more about Nick’s performance nutrition and health supplements here. Courtney and Nick get right into it, deconstructing the difference in training between ultras and marathons. How Courtney stumbled into the ultra world – and how it unleashed her appetite for repeatedly testing limits, both emotionally and physically. “All in” was the ethic with which Courtney’s was raised in Minnesota. It lent itself to the pursuit of ultra performance. About the transition from full-time teacher to full-time professional athlete, from extra after-school and weekend training hours to making the leap. Trail and road running are completely different, requiring different mental focus and skill. Quick Tip: Anti-chafe in combination with toe socks = no blisters and fewer toenails lost! The turning point? Courtney and her husband Kevin agreed that she had to pursue ultra running 100% so there could be no regrets when looking back years from now. With her laser-like focus on running, doors opened and the running felt like freedom and something she loves – not at all like work. There is a point at which running reaches an almost spiritual plane, with a meditative quality that clears the mind and body. The challenge is getting to that point of ease! The ultra community is totally unique. There is a special camaraderie unlike anything Nick has experienced even among Iron Man, CrossFit or Triathlon athletes. When the negative self-talk starts: Courtney’s first 100-miler ended in self-doubt and rookie mistakes in terms of nutrition and strategy. She dropped out, but it was full of lessons learned! Chiseling Out the Pain Cave: With each race, Courtney goes in with the intention of making her Pain Cave larger. She enters at the same point, then tunnels in different directions, creating more room for the next time, whatever the course or circumstance. When the mindset is that there is NO quitting, it’s a gamechanger. Courtney might have cried the last 10 miles, but her brain was fully on board and propelling her forward. Counterintuitively, sleeping and eating don’t always come naturally post-racing. The body often needs a few days to settle down. Among ultra professionals: It’s a balance between pushing each other and supporting one another, pulling each other out of lows and sharing energy back and forth. All about diet: Courtney eats for pleasure. She doesn’t eliminate any specific food groups, enjoys snacks and tunes into herself. She believes this intuitive approach helps keep her in touch with what her body needs. (Nick takes a similar approach with lifting.) Courtney studies up on specific terrains when she’s heading out on a course, but her basic structure and approach to running remains the same. The most memorable, fun race Courtney has ever run? She’d have to go with the Moab 240 because of the huge vistas and expanded horizons she experienced. Mastering the Sleep Game: Nick shares his experience with short naps when he was an Army Ranger, but sometimes pushing through is better than taking a break. For Courtney it has been hit and miss. She’s looking for more groupthink on this topic! Hallucinations are “pretty much guaranteed” during nighttime runs and Courtney has also experienced vivid episodes during the day.  A little bit about the format and camaraderie at Bigs Backyard Ultra. (More info available about this and other concept races staged by the same organizer here.) Did Courtney go after ultras or did ultras come after Courtney? She didn’t know this kind of racing was out there, or that being a professional athlete was within her realm of possibility. Nick finds fitness an exciting way to engage and be competitive with himself. About the Barkley Marathon, which is one of the most unique courses and ultra experiences out there. The transition from physical to mental: It’s not necessarily predictable for Courtney. She experiences it as a toggling back and forth between them as they ebb and flow. She advises: Stay in the moment. Stay present. Don’t judge! Choosing the Hard Things: Courtney and Nick share a strong desire to tap into every ounce of their individual potential. Ultras offer a great opportunity to push limits. A Fun Way to Spend a Week: Courtney hasn’t yet completed a 500-mile ultra, but she’ll be out there again without a doubt! No matter who you are, there’s something to be taken from being part of the ultra experience. Whether you decide to run or serve as crew, you’re going to be infected with the community’s spirit and energy – and cherish the memories you create! “My whole purpose of doing these ultras is to find that Pain Cave and make it bigger. I know that it’s happening, but often it’s such a world of hurt that everything else is kind of a blur. It’s just about staying laser-focused on moving forward and burrowing as far back as I can to keep my legs going.” Further Contacts/Resources: Bare Performance Nutrition: BPN's Instagram: Nick Bare: Nick's Instagram: Courtney's Instagram:
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    #95 - Raising Capital, Funding Your Business, Preparing To Sell With Josh Holley


    In today’s episode, Nick sits down with friend and Bryker and Co founder, Josh Holley to discuss raising capital and selling your business. The episode begins with Nick and Josh discussing how they met. They were training for a marathon together and Nick says that he learned a lot from training with Josh. A big part of Josh’s training was about learning restraint in his workouts and that was a big takeaway for Nick. When they started training together, Nick says Josh taught him a lot about business as well. Josh began his role in finance in the beginning of the recession in a restructuring firm. He thought he’d only be in the role for a couple years before transitioning back to a traditional finance role, however he stayed for seven years. He credits this time with accelerating learning and leading him to his current work of building finance and accounting into businesses. Even before you get into raising money Josh says you need to understand the cash needs of your business. Nick agrees, citing a personal story of his own business needs as an example. More than fifty percent of the time, even in well established businesses, leaders are looking at the bank account as the measure of health and success when financial statements tell a different story. Josh stresses the importance of accrual accounting, whether you’re trying to better understand the business, raise capital, or sell the business. Nick and Josh both agree that there are a lot of parallels between marathon running and business building because both require pacing and endurance. In the early days of growing your business, you may have small bank loans, but a large part of your revenue will come from friends and family. For these types of investments, Josh recommends a Safe Agreement. This will allow those close to you to invest in your business now and not discuss valuation until you get more traditional investors. Later, when you feel like your back is against the wall, this isn’t the time to raise equity, Josh says you should be looking to get creative and work with vendors and others to save money. Nick agrees, and adds that this is why relationship building is important to him and his business. For business owners, Nick and Josh recommend an accountant as one of your first hires. This will allow you to move to building the business not being stuck in the business. As you prepare to sell your business, there are a few things that will help you seem more desirable to buyers. This will be things like practicing accrual accounting, tracking sales tax and one time expenses, as well as implementing a board. If you don’t have these things in place there may be doubt in investors or buyers minds. Having all this in place can help you avoid earn out at closing. These things are an expense, certainly, but Nick and Josh say you’ll earn it back with investment or buy out. As the episode ends, Josh reminds listeners that when selling your business you have to keep the buyer in mind, and Nick stresses the importance of looking to the future rather than getting bogged down in the present. Timestamps: 0:00- Nick introduces the episode and today’s guest, Josh Holley. 3:14 - How Nick and Josh met. 8:11- Josh shares how he came to investment banking. 13:47 - Common business problems Josh sees in his work. 22:08 - Josh discusses how to better understand your business. 36:56 - Safe Agreement 48:34 - The importance of accounting 1:03:14 - How to get ready to sell your business. Links: Follow Josh Holley. Learn more about Nick Bare on his website. Connect with Nick Bare on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. Learn more about Bare Performance Nutrition.
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    #94 - "All Is Well" After A Car Accident Left Hannah Hutzley Paralyzed


    In today’s episode, Nick sits down with BPN Ambassador Hannah Hutzley. On October 27, 2017, Hannah's life changed forever when she got into a car accident which left her paralyzed. As much as her physical life changed, her outlook and perspective never weaned. Prior to her accident, Hannah never experienced a truly difficult situation which required resilience and perseverance. She recalls the day of the accident and the events which led up to the moment which completely changed her life. She was ejected from the car window and landed on her back on a barbed wire fence, paralyzing her instantly. Instantaneously with the impact, all she remembers was seeing all black, then opening her eyes and feeling as if she was floating in the clouds amongst colors she had never seen before. Throughout her whole body, she felt a voice repeatedly telling her “All is well.” Two days later, she woke up in a hospital and was told she would never walk again, but Hannah felt so peaceful at that moment that she hardly cared at all. She later learned that being ejected from the vehicle is what ultimately saved her life and gives all credit to God for his intervention. Hannah spent about 2 months in inpatient rehabilitation. Her biggest concern was to prove to her friends and family that she was still the same Hannah and always would be, regardless of the circumstance. She felt truly grateful and appreciative to be alive during a time when most people would feel that their life was over for good. Hannah explains how she approaches people who, despite being able-bodied, are unhappy and unfulfilled. She herself is living proof that we can do all of the things we want to do. The more we tell ourselves things are good, the more we will begin to believe it.    Hannah has learned to put aside the things she can’t change and focus on the things she can instead. There is always going to be someone out there who can’t do the things you may take for granted, so be thankful for all you do have. Through therapy, she highlights the person who has spoken life into her and encouraged her through thick and thin. Without this challenge, she believes she never would have become a BPN ambassador. She explains how her perspective in terms of hardships has shifted and the silliness of many peoples complaints.  Then, Hannah marvels at the energy of the BPN team and recalls her feelings of belonging there during the ambassador program. Nick explains that they are super selective in terms of who they bring on in the ambassador team. As a person who believes in investing in the right people, he knows it’s never a mistake to bring the right people on and together. The BPN ambassadors are not a group who talk about themselves, but instead talk about what they can do to lift up other people. Community is everything. In order to build a really solid community, you have to first take stock of the people already around you. Focusing on people who bring you energy and fuel you will always make you better. To do this, you’ll have to be prepared to have hard conversations.  Anything in life can be taken away at a moment's notice and there’s no going back. To Hannah, to go one more means going above and beyond, because the day will come when you won’t be able to. Timestamps: 0:00- Nick introduces the episode and today’s guest, Hannah Hutzley 2:20 - Hannah describes her life prior to the accident. 6:53 - Hannah recalls the day of her accident. 15:30 - Hannah’s initial reaction to learning she will never walk again. 18:36 - How does Hannah approach people who are negative and unhappy but still able bodied? 27:55 - The importance of treating others with kindness. 34:27 - Hannah’s biggest role model and her positive mindset.  36:44 - Hannah’s newfound perspective of what is difficult now. 50:47 - The BPN ambassador program and the importance of a solid community. 1:00:52 - The significance of the kind of people we let into our lives. 1:07:25 - What does go one more mean to Hannah? Links: Follow Hannah Hutzley. Learn more about Nick Bare on his website. Connect with Nick Bare on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. Learn more about Bare Performance Nutrition.
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    #93 - Resilient Is A Choice In The Face Of Adversity With Omar "Crispy" Avila


    In today’s episode, Nick speaks with Omar Crispy Avila, who joined the U.S. Army in 2004 as an Infantryman and deployed to Iraq in 2006. 11 months later, his vehicle was struck with a 200 pound IED, resulting in burns to 75% of his body and an amputation of his right leg. Over the past few years, he has made huge transformations and discovered his fulfilling life purpose to help other people through his stories.  Through his social media presence, Crispy portrays himself as a true, all American patriot. He expresses his love for America as a whole and the freedoms and opportunities the nation offers to so many. In this country, he is able to live his wildest dreams. Crispy came to America when he was just 7 years old and was granted citizenship during high school. In his home country of Mexico, citizens are not allowed to voice their opinions or own firearms to protect themselves.  Crispy recounts his experience watching the attacks of 9/11 live in school just after he became a U.S. citizen. This marked a defining moment of Crispy’s life when he knew he wanted to serve his country. He turned down a football scholarship to join the Army one month after graduation and was deployed to Iraq very soon after.  Crispy recounts a few attacks he experiences there, specifically the one of May 14th. Though he remembers feeling angry with God for letting his friends be killed, he was making his peace with him at this moment. Something inside of him told him to get up, that he wasn't going to die here today. With broken legs, third degree burns and partial blindness, Crispy was taken out of the area of attack. He was in an induced coma for 3 months and woke up in Houston to the news that his friend had died.  To date, Crispy has had a total of 105 surgeries. His doctors discovered cancer in his foot and brought in a specialist to take a look at it. Though they were able to remove it all, Crispy couldn't walk on his feet anymore. He pleaded with the doctor to have his leg amputated.  Crispy has not always been in the place he is today, and spent much of this aftermath in a very dark place. It was the loving people he surrounded himself with who made him the man he is today. He shares the story of connecting with Chris Kyle. Discussing vulnerabilities, Nick points out that opening up is the best way to instantaneously connect with others on a meaningful level. Crispy believes he is a better person today because he was finally able to put his pride aside and find the courage to ask for help.  Then, Crispy recounts the opportunity which led him to meeting and connecting with kids who also suffered from severe burns like his own. The organization Sons of the Flag helped him find his own calling in helping others. Sometimes people don’t need to hear advice, but just want to know that they aren’t alone. Crispy feels he gets more out of giving advice than anything he may get out of it. Crispy shares that while many people search for resilience, few really have it. Until you’re put in a situation, you’ll never know how you would react to it.  In closing, Crispy shares his experience undergoing stem cell therapy and the miraculous ways it has changed his life by relieving chronic pain. Sharing vulnerabilities is really what the world needs right now and Crispy is living proof of it.  Timestamps:  0:00 - Nick introduces the episode and today’s guest, Omar Crispy Avila. 2:10 - What does patriotism mean to Crispy?  7:35 - Crispy’s desire to serve his country.  15:12 - Crispy recountis the attack of May 14th.  33:24 - Crispy’s first thoughts awakening from a 3 month coma.  36:08 - Crispy’s leg amputation.  38:50 - How was Crispy able to cope with all of this?  43:15 - Crispy meeting American sniper.  45:56 - Discussing vulnerabilities, connecting with others and the power of asking for help.  48:43 - Crispy’s desire to help others.  54:35 - The advice Crispy gives to kids who reach out to him. 58:32 - Resilience.   1:01:20 - Crispy’s experience with stem cell therapy.  1:13:04 - Closing words.  Links: Follow Omar Crispy Avila.  Learn more about Nick Bare on his website.  Connect with Nick Bare on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. Learn more about Bare Performance Nutrition. 
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    #92 - Before You Lead, Listen First With Jeramiah Solven


    In today’s episode, Nick speaks with founder of Conquer Academy, Jeramiah Solven. Conquer Academy’s mission is to bring more good into the world while helping others achieve their very best. Today’s episode is all about leadership and Jeramiah’s 15 years in the U.S. Army. We’ll dive into what makes a leader, how to refine and build your leadership skills and some action items you can take now to build your leadership capabilities.  As the conversation gets underway, Jeramiah discusses what the word conquer means to him. During his adolescence, he found solace from the chaos of his family life by regularly going to the gym. He was inspired by the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who inspired him to take action in his life every single day. Nick and Jeramiah discuss the importance of consistency and the advantages of not being the smartest guy in the room.  Then, the conversation shifts to discussing Jeramiah’s time serving in the military up until January 1st, 2020. He began by running his coaching business on the weekends part time, and decided ultimately to pursue Conquer Academy full time. He joined the military at a desperate time in his life, when he was unsure of which direction to go. Jeramiah walks us through his timeline of his being in the military and shares the transformation which he underwent as a result. He had the realization that all along he had been chasing significance, which he initially found in the military. Exiting the military was one of the hardest decisions he has made. Jeramiah believes leaders are made in the same way diamonds are, with constant pressure while ensuring they don’t break.  Nick explains the importance of earnestly listening to pushback in any leadership position. There is power in truly listening and speaking up. Among many other things, listening well gives you the ability to speak what you mean. Jeramiah learned lots about leadership, both good and bad, from his leaders in the military. They discuss the reaction without action which is so evident now in the age of social media.  There is a huge difference between selfless leaders and selfish ones. Selfish leaders will fizzle out and be replaced. But when you act selflessly, you are focused on commitment rather than success. High performing teams won’t follow a selfish leader. Knowing the balance between selfish and selfless goals is key. Everybody wants to be the greatest, but few are willing to pay the price. It all comes down to the investments you make each day. You can cultivate this drive over time, it just takes practice.  You have to sacrifice things to get to where you want to be.  At Conquer Academy, the first step Jeramiah takes with clients is informing them on the importance of increasing vulnerability and having tough conversations with integrity. If you aren’t able to stand up for yourself, you won’t be able to do it for a team. Learn from experience how to end these tough conversations on a positive note. If you’re going to make it to the top, you have to build your life on integrity, leadership and tough conversations. As you begin having more tough conversations, they will begin to get easier each time.   Timestamps:  0:00- Nick introduces the episode and today’s guest, Jeramiah Solven.  4:30 - Discussing the idea behind conquer.  7:20 - Jeramiah’s overall experience in the military and his decision to leave.  16:35 - Jeramiah’s entrance in the military and moving up in ranks.  22:42 - Before you lead, listen first.  27:56 - Jeramiah’s drive to start Conquer Academy.  36:18 - Reaction without action or solutions.  50:29 - Following your gut instinct.  01:14:44 - Selfish leaders vs. selfless leaders.  1:22:31 - How do you get started on a leadership journey?   1:31:20 - Closing words.  Links: Follow Jeramiah Solven.  Learn more about Nick Bare on his website.  Connect with Nick Bare on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. Learn more about Bare Performance Nutrition. 
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    #91 - Eating An Animal Based Diet With Dr. Paul Saladino


    In this episode, Nick welcomes on guest Dr. Paul Saladino, leading expert on the science and application of the carnivore diet—or the animal-based approach. Don’t miss this conversation as Paul offers great insight on this diet approach, why he prescribes it, and how it has benefitted numerous patients with autoimmune illnesses. With this unique perspective and amazing information, they dive into the discussion! Paul gets the conversation rolling as he recounts his own journey, recognition, and need for a new food framework. He shares about moving towards an animal based-diet due to his own struggle with eczema. Providing more information on some autoimmune struggles and chronic illness, Paul asserts that many people are thinking about food incorrectly. Food is a huge performance enhancer, but it has to be utilized correctly. Learn about the Paleolithic diet and where Paul believes this approach gets it wrong. Nick asks Paul about how his medical community responded to his shift full swing into a carnivore diet. With a desire to be able to affect the medical paradigm, and not just help people with symptoms, Paul did not truly blossom until after his residency. As the conversation continues, Paul shares his next steps in this journey and what impacts he faced from this massive shift. Learn about the challenges with long-term keto, and how his approach changed about 2 years into it. As Paul was humbled continued to grow in personal knowledge and reevaluating his approach, he shifted to version 2.0 with considering the value of carbohydrates in the human diet. Are some parts of plants more favored than others? What are the benefits of honey? Learn about sugar in a whole-food-matrix, not in isolation. Paul touches on the differences between physiological vs. pathological insulin-resistance. From issues of long-term ketosis, to gas, and the ins and outs of glucose, insulin, and fruit sources, Paul dives into countless details. Moving back in his story, Nick asks Paul about the beginning of his health journey when he was raw vegan. Learn about the issues of excessive gas and why Paul believes this is not the route humans should take. He shares where he is at now with honey and fruit added back in to his diet, along with the issues with bile salts that people experience when removing fiber from their diets. Listen as Paul talks about the spectrum of approaches and the possible usefulness of different stages, depending on your body and issues. Diving deep into the depths of countless details concerning topics from what a fruit is, to why humans need meat fat, Paul debunks many perceptions that aren’t true. Listen to what a typical diet for Paul looks like on a daily basis—meat, organs, fruit, and honey. He shares more about organ meat and why it is so powerful. They take a look at an animal like a multivitamin and why we should not divorce some parts from others—unique micronutrients that are otherwise missed. Learn why food quality is so much more important than tracking macros, and what nutritional ‘dark matter’ is. They touch on gut health, vegetables, detoxification methods, and plant based. There is a hierarchy of foods for thriving. Butyrate and short chain fatty acids are uncovered in their conversation. Is there a linear equation that more fiber equals more health? Why eat meat fat? Nick understands the desire for flavor, but Paul fills listeners in on the importance of tallow and suet fats. Fat does not make people fat, metabolic dysfunction does. Paul answers it all! As an MD, Paul shares what issues he has seen patients come in with and how diet can improve them. While no dietary discussions should be made without your physician, it’s important to have a nutrition savvy doctor to guide you! There is no one diet that is perfect for everyone, some individuals have conditions that can prohibit certain levels of proteins or carbs, calling for adjustments. Continuing the discussion, Nick and Paul touch on Paul’s take on game-changers, correlations vs. causation, and the role of evolution. Why not just stick to observational studies? Paul addresses problems with certain studies and how these often prove to be an issue of motivation for pitching something, rather than truly testing a hypothesis with interventional studies. Take a look at evolution and man’s desire for meat—Paul argues that eating meat made us human.  Nick shifts the conversation to ask Paul about the first steps he takes with new patients to bring them from 0 to 100. How do you make a gradual shift from a diet that harms you, to one that helps? Learn more about linoleic acid and the differences in meat sources. How does Paul go out to eat? Does he ever go off the diet? Listen as he talks about the importance of discipline and how he chooses to make choices with a long term horizon, rather than focusing on possible short term benefits. They briefly chat about regenerative ranching, Roam Ranch, and soil regeneration. Wrapping up, Nick recalls his own take-aways from this podcast and reminds listeners not to forget to check out places like White Oak, Belcampo, Circle-C, and other farms for great places to get access to organ meat. Thanks for tuning in and remember to leave a review and share with a friend! Timestamps: 0:00 - Nick introduces the topic and today’s guest, Dr. Paul Saladino 1:28 - Nick introduces the podcast and its pillars 2:10 - Paul is welcomed on and he recounts his need for a new food framework 11:45 - Full swing with the carnivore diet and how other responded 13:44 - The impact from such a massive shift and challenges with long-term keto 17:05 - A shift in approach and considering the value of carbohydrates in the human diet 25:07 - Issues of long-term ketosis, gas, glucose, insulin, and fruit 31:27 - The beginning of his health journey and going raw vegan 32:56 - Where Paul is at now with honey and fruit added back in; the spectrum or approaches and the usefulness of different stages 36:49 - What is a fruit? 37:32 - Paul’s typical daily diet 45:15 - Organ meat, why it is so powerful, and the micronutrients it has 57:55 - Food quality, tracking macros, and nutritional ‘dark matter’. 59:30 - Gut health, vegetables snd plant based diets. 1:08:52 - Butyrate, short chain fatty acids, and fiber 1:12:03 - It’s more than bacon, steak, and eggs 1:17:23 - Why eat meat fat? 1:28:25 - Issues Paul has seen patients come in with and how diet can improve them 1:33:40 - Paul’s take on game-changers, correlations vs. causation, and the role of evolution 1:47:49 - The first steps Paul takes with new patients 1:50:18 - Linoleic acid and what type of meat Paul eats 1:55:10 - How does Paul go out to eat? 2:01:46 - Roam Ranch and soil regeneration 2:03:29 - Take aways from this podcast episode 2:08:28 - Thank you for listening! Links: Learn more about Dr. Paul Saladino and his podcast Check out Heart&Soil. Learn more about Nick Bare on his website. Connect with Nick Bare on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. Learn more about Bare Performance Nutrition.
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    #90 - Show Up As A Leader To Fulfill Your Obligations With Christian Huff


    In today’s episode, Nick speaks with husband and father, Christian Huff. Listen as they cover the topics of business, faith, leadership, and accountability. The episode begins with Christian answering some fun questions on music and sports. He shares some of his favorite songs along with his history of playing baseball, specifically in how his own priorities with sports changed as his faith grew. He made the decision to not make baseball his idol but to instead pursue other areas of serving the Lord. This led to a conversation about Christian’s faith and how it has influenced his life. He shares his testimony and how he has grown in his faith and in understanding that Christianity is not simply a statement, but a lifestyle of following the Lord and having a relationship with Him. Christian points out how this has changed his life and priorities. Nick moves the conversation onto the topic of leadership. They begin to discuss what it truly means and looks like to be a leader in our society today. Nick makes the point that being a leader is about more than being an influencer, but taking the opportunities you have in your life to lead those around you in positive ways. Because of this, everyone has the opportunity to be a positive leader to those in their lives. Christian adds to this by sharing how a good leader is someone who can influence others for good by pointing them to the Lord. They both discuss some of the people who have been the biggest leaders in their own lives and how it has inspired them to do the same to others. Going along with what it means to be a good leader, Christian dives into the importance of filling  and surrounding yourself with good leaders who will influence you in positive ways. This means giving your time and energy to things that will influence you for good and push you to grow. A common struggle for our society today is be tossed and pulled around by the many voices and opinions being put in front of us. Christian shares how the way to stand firm and hold fast to your convictions is through being firmly rooted in your faith and the leadership of Christ. He shares how this has been evident in his own life and how it has taught him perseverance through hard times. Another important aspect of being a good leader is the practice of accountability. Nick defines accountability as knowing how and when to call people out in a professional way. He shares some stories of how this was lived out in his job as an infantry officer. Christian also shares a story of when he was able to hold some young teenage boys accountable for their actions and influence their lives. Not only is it important to be able to hold others accountable, but Christian also points out the importance of being able to have an attitude of humility that allows us to receive accountability from others. Nick and Christian both point out how their wives are the ones who help hold them accountable and how it has benefited their lives for good. The episode concludes as Christian and Nick talk about marriage and how it has refined them and grown them over the years. Christian also shares about becoming a father and all that it has taught him. This leads into both men discussing their morning and workout routines and how these help keep them accountable and energized. Thanks for tuning in and remember to leave a review and share with a friend! Timestamps: 0:00- Nick introduces todays guest, Christian Huff 3:56- Nick asks Christian some fun questions on sports and music before diving into the episode 11:30- Christian shares about his journey with his faith and how it influenced his life 15:48- They talk about leadership and what it looks like/means to be a leader 35:32- They branch off to focus on leadership specifically in business and going through trials 44:55- They talk about accountability 52:20- They share about how marriage and children have refined them and helped them grow 1:11:10- Christian shares about his workout routine as a new dad Links: Follow Christian Huff of Instagram Learn more about Nick Bare on his website. Connect with Nick Bare on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. Learn more about Bare Performance Nutrition.
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    #89 - From Pharmaceutical Sales To Baseball President With Chris Almendarez


    In today’s episode, Nick speaks with Chris Almendarez, President of the Round Rock Express. Listen as Nick and Chris discuss some of their similar life experiences, the rewards they have found in sharing vulnerabilities, baseball, the importance of building relationships and more. As the conversation gets underway, Chris recalls his background and the path which led him to where he is today. At 7 years old, Chris had a strong admiration for the biggest athlete of the time, Nolan Ryan. He regards baseball as a huge factor which led him to attend college at the University of Houston. It was during this time that he met his first wife, Jana, on the same night his father was killed in a car accident. The tragedy helped him realize how important it was for him to have a united family of his own, unlike the one he was raised in. Only a few weeks later, he asked Jana to marry him. Soon after, he married, had his first child and took a job as a pharmaceutical salesman. From early on, Chris has a clear understanding of how important relationship building is. During his time in sales, Chris operated under the goal of following through with his promises. People often get so caught up in degrees, certifications and connections that they forget the value of being a good person and building relationships with others. Making connections with others and truly listening to what they have to say is a key component of success in any sales position. The motto of Chris and his family is to love God, love others, and the rest will follow suit. Then, Chris discusses his transition back to baseball from the pharmaceutical industry. Chris  coached both of his son’s baseball teams, and grew close with many families of his players. When his pharmaceutical company wanted to transfer him out of state, Chris left the company and found a new job with a Spalding sports salesman. Soon after, he joined Round Rock as the Senior Account Executive. He has held several different positions within the organization, including his current position as Team President. Both Nick and Chris agree that baseball is the one sport which has retained its family feel. The comradery felt on a baseball team is really unmatched. Chris’s favorite part of his job is spring training and meeting the new season players. He recalls the support he and his sons received from the baseball community after Jana’s death. The game of baseball requires much strength and isn’t for the faint of heart.  Next, they discuss the impact Covid had on Round Rock Express. Amidst the uncertainty of the beginning stages of the pandemic, Chris was notified that around 40% of the Round Rock staff would have to be let go. This marked the toughest day of his professional career. As a business that relies on people coming into their stadium, it’s been an extremely tough time which could take years to fully recover from. The remaining 60% of the Round Rock staff really came together during this time. Then, Chris and Nick open up and share their own experiences feeling helpless in the past. If nothing else, hopelessness serves as a reminder of how to respond to difficult situations for which there is no solution. Finally, Chris shares his biggest reasons for going one more every day. First and most important is his faith. He shares that there have been times that he was angry with God. However, he recognizes the blessings God has given his family throughout his life. Recognizing his “why” early on in life, to be the best father, husband and Godly man he could be, has played a huge role in his life. Rather than being focused on the end goal, Chris shares his mindset of appreciating the silver linings which pop up every day along the way. Thanks for tuning in and remember to leave a review and share with a friend! Timestamps: 0:00- Nick introduces the episode and today’s guest, Chris Almendarez. 4:00 - How Nick and Chris first connected. 10:00 - Chris’s background, family and career steps. 20:24 - The impact of building relationships and being a good person. 24:10 - Chris shares his admiration for his two sons, Chase and Luke. 28:35 - Chris’s transition out of the pharmaceutical industry back to baseball. 36:00 - Discussing the close knit baseball community. 46:15 - The impact of the pandemic. 56:45 - Opening up about the feeling of helplessness. 1:03:10 - Chris’s drive to keep moving forward every day. Links: Follow Chris Almendarez. Learn more about Nick Bare on his website. Connect with Nick Bare on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. Learn more about Bare Performance Nutrition.

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