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Rob Lundquist (@roblundquist) of Home Free and Eric Buegler (@buegsjr) of The Sound Exchange team up to create The Avid Indoorsmen (@theavidindoorsmen), , a podcast for cinephiles of all ages. Rob and Buegs have been friends since the collegiate years, and show off their wildly witty and funny sides, while talking about a passion of theirs that isn't a capella! The Avid Indoorsmen, a podcast for all who value a good movie and some couch time.

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    A.I. EP. 131: “If You Aim At Nothing, You Hit Nothing” - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    Marvel has done it again, they made another awesome superhero film, this time with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.To talk about this awesome film we had to bring back an awesome guest, Niko Del Rey from The Filharmonic. Niko has been on a few times now and he always brings a fun energy and great takes. We end this episode with a Starting 5 game and our Patrons can watch us draft our Top 5 Favorite Dragon Movies.Shang-Chi is now available to stream on Disney +. We hope you enjoy!2:47 No Time To Die5:58 Private Parts (HBOMax)8:07 Val (Amazon Prime)10:44 Buegs’ Favorite Meal11:25 Chester’s Kitchen and Bar Plugarooni’s 13:18 Niko Del Rey @niko_del_reyFilled With Cheer www.thefilharmonic.com17:53 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Plot Synopsis18:23 Rotten Tomatoes19:55 Buegs’ Hot Take22:00 Rob’s Hot Take23:40 Niko’s Hot Take25:38 The Dude28:45 The Tucci Award 34:55 The Dingus41:13 Show Me The Money47:00 Buegs Boo Hoo Moments51:07 Movie Trivia57:05 Judgement Day58:05 The Starting 51:11:35 Top 5 Favorite Dragon Movies
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    A.I. EP. 130: “Be Our Guest” - Beauty and the Beast 30th Anniversary


    A tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast is celebrating its 30th anniversary. This film was a big part of our childhoods and we went and got a huge Disney buff who knows this film better than most, our good buddy Matt Atwood. This is Matt’s first time doing a regular movie episode with us and he was great. We ended the episode with a movie quotes game and our Patrons can watch us draft our Top 5 Films Where Inanimate Objects Come To Life.Enjoy!2:41 DUNE6:51 The Change-Up8:25 My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Season 3 (Netflix)10:24 Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert11:51 167 Raw Oyster in Charleston, SC Plugarooni’s 14:00 Matthew Atwood @matthewatwood The Realty Brothers Podcast Beauty and the Beast Plot Synopsis20:40 Rotten Tomatoes22:40 Buegs’ Hot Take25:54 Rob’s Hot Take27:13 Matt’s Hot Take30:42 The Dude34:37 The Tucci Awsrd43:35 The Dingus48:17 Show Me The Money52:58 Buegs Boo Hoo Moments56:48 Movie Trivia1:07:03 Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich1:19:20 Top 5 Movies Where Inanimate Objects Come To Life Draft
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  • The Avid Indoorsmen podcast

    A.I. EP. 129: “Don’t Have A Good Day…Have A Great Day” - Free Guy


    If you haven’t seen the new Ryan Reynolds film, Free Guy, we highly recommend you check it out. Chris Rupp recommended this film to us and we thought we’d bring him back on the pod to talk about it. He had some fun takes and we enjoyed talking with him again.We end this episode with a Starting 5 game and our Patrons can watch us draft our Top 5 Favorite Ryan Reynolds Films. It’s available now to rent, definitely worth the rental price. Enjoy!2:14 A Knight’s Tale (Netflix)4:13 The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard5:12 Big Mouth Season 5 (Netflix)6:40 Squid Game (Netflix)8:50 Buegs’ Favorite Meal10:33 The Red Headed Stranger Plugarooni’s 12:18 Chris Rupp @homefreehatguy Free Guy Plot Synopsis19:12 Buegs’ Hot Take21:10 Rob’s Hot Take22:48 Chris’ Hot Take25:14 The Dude Award28:25 The Tucci35:51 The Dingus 39:08 Show Me The Money45:50 Buegs Boo Hoo Moments48:50 Movie Trivia53:30 Judgement Day54:37 The Starting 51:10:49 Top 5 Ryan Reynolds Films Draft
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    A.I. EP. 128: Movie Game Night - Ladies Nite Edition


    We got our favorite female friends we went to college with on the show to do some movie trivia with us! It was so much fun for us and we hope you enjoy all the derailments and explosive laughter throughout this episode.Enjoy!1:33 Anne Tower, Krista LaPlant, Kelsey Lundquist, Jessie Pellowski, Kate Duncan5:45 The Starting 525:20 Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich (The Quotes Game)40:11 Bend It Like Trebekumm1:07:44 The TriWizard Cup
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    A.I. EP. 127: “Remember Remember the 5th of November” - V For Vendetta 15th Anniversary


    It’s been 20 years since we were introduced to the masked vigilante known as V in V For Vendetta. This DC Comics film rocked us when it came out and we’ve had it on the schedule all year to release as close to the 5th of November as we could get. Back to the show is our good buddy and film enthusiast, Timmy St.Sauver, who we always enjoy talking with on the pod. We conclude this episode with an Imitation Game and our Patrons can watch us draft our Top 5 DC Comics Films.Enjoy some V!2:06 Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage3:30 Wind River (Netflix)5:46 Logan (HULU)7:28 Nine Perfect Strangers (HULU)9:40 Buegs’ Meal of the Soul11:12 Cindy Lou’s Family Restaurant Plugarooni’s 13:32 Timmy St.Sauver ; homefreemusic.com17:41 V for Vendetta Plot Synopsis18:14 Rotten Tomatoes20:16 Buegs’ Hot Take22:25 Rob’s Hot Take25:04 Timmy’s Hot Take27:02 The Dude30:53 The Tucci Award 35:21 The Dingus44:51 Show Me The Money52:52 Buegs’ Boo Hoo Moments58:37 Movie Trivia1:05:21 Judgement Day1:06:16 The Imitation Game1:23:38 Top 5 DC Movies Draft
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    A.I. EP. 126: “Liver Alone” - Scream 25th Anniversary Halloween episode


    BOO! It’s spooky season and we saw that Scream was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary and knew we had to do an episode on it. Amberly Hall LOVES the Halloween holiday and came back on the pod to give her thoughts on the Wes Craven horror flick. We had a great time chatting with her!We end this episode with a new Scary Movie Game and our Patrons can watch us draft our Top 5 Favorite Movie Masks.Enjoy this episode and have a Super Scary Halloween!2:05 CODA (AppleTV +)4:25 Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who (Netflix)5:35 Grown Ups (Netflix)7:01 Ted Lasso Season 2 (Apple TV+)9:25 Buegs’ Favorite Meal11:11 Smack Shack Plugarooni’s 13:50 Amberly Hall @amberlyhall_ Beauty and the Bass Scream Plot Synopsis23:00 Rotten Tomatoes24:58 Buegs’ Hot Take28:07 Rob’s Hot Take31:23 Amberly’s Hot Take33:55 The Dude37:13 The Tucci Award41:50 The Dingus 47:17 Show Me The Money53:25 Buegs Boo Hoo Moments55:29 Movie Trivia1:04:32 Judgement Day1:05:38 The Scary Movie Game1:19:40 Top 5 Movie Masks Draft
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    A.I. EP. 125: “In New York I’m Frank, In Chicago I’m Earnest” - The Long Kiss Goodnight 25th Anniversary


    If you’ve listened to this podcast regularly you would know that we reference The Long Kiss Goodnight all the time. When we found out it was having it’s 25th Anniversary we knew we had to do an episode on it.Our good friend, Max Felsheim, loves him an action movie and it was a no-brainer having him on for this episode. He always cracks us up and has super fun takes.We conclude with an Imitation Game and our Patrons can see us draft our Top 5 Amnesia Films. If you’ve forgotten, we so appreciate you listening to our show and if the spirit moves you to write a positive review wherever you get your podcasts, that would be awesome. Enjoy!1:43 The Edge of Tomorrow3:45 The Iron Giant (HBOMax)5:55 ESPN2 Monday Night Football9:53 Only Murders In The Building (HULU)10:50 Clyde Iron Works Petite Leon Plugarooni’s 14:58 @themaxaphone East Lake Legal The Long Kiss Goodnight Plot Synopsis23:42 Rotten Tomatoes26:10 Buegs’ Hot Take28:03 Rob’s Hot Take29:54 Max’s Hot Take32:19 The Dude34:10 The Tucci Award38:00 The Dingus44:23 Show Me The Money52:00 Buegs Boo Hoo Moments55:26 Movie Trivia1:02:09 Judgement Day1:02:49 Imitation Game1:15:21 Top 5 Amnesia Films Draft
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    A.I. EP. 124: “That Last Hand Nearly Killed Me” - Casino Royale 15th Anniversary


    It’s Bond. James Bond. Daniel Craig took his first crack at playing the iconic spy 15 years ago and with his new film, No Time To Die, just being released, it seemed the perfect time to talk about Casino Royale.We have had both Neil Ghosh and Adam Chance on the show many times, but surprisingly this is the first time they have been on together. We made it happen! Love these two guys and it was wonderful getting to hear both of their takes at the same time.This episode ends with an Imitation Game and our Patrons get to see us draft our Top 5 Favorite Card Playing Scenes In Film Draft.Sit down, have a drink, shaken…not stirred, and enjoy this episode!1:55 Hearts Beat Loud4:12 A Hologram For The King (HULU)6:10 What If? (Disney+)8:09 Malice at the Police (Netflix)9:26 The Tipsy Steer Boomin’ Barbecue Plugarooni’s 13:38 @thewiseghosh and @theadamchance www.theadamchance.com19:15 Casino Royale Plot Synopsis19:51 Rotten Tomatoes21:36 Buegs’ Hot Take22:52 Rob’s Hot Take27:55 Chance’s Hot Take34:06 Neil’s Hot Take39:10 The Dude43:53 The Tucci Award 50:03 The Dingus1:00:50 Show Me The Money1:09:35 Buegs Boo Hoo Moments1:11:28 Movie Trivia1:21:48 Judgement Day1:23:14 Imitation Game1:37:17 Top 5 Card Playing Scenes In Film Draft
  • The Avid Indoorsmen podcast

    A.I. EP. 123: “I’m The Guy Who Does His Job, You Must Be The Other Guy” The Departed 15th Anniversary


    We wicked love The Departed which is celebrating it’s 15th Anniversary. We knew that Jenika Marion loves it even more than we do, so it was a no-brainer to have her discuss her thoughts on this film with us. She has some amazing takes and might just be an expert on this Scorsese classic.We end this episode with an Imitation Game and our Patrons can watch us draft our Top 5 Favorite Undercover Cop Films.Enjoy!0:53 Karen T. Anderson Tribute3:08 Shakespeare In Love5:15 Vivo (Netflix)6:41 Love on the Spectrum Season 2 (Netflix)9:21 Hacks (HBOMax)11:30 Buegs’ Meal of the Soul13:28 Davanni’s Plugarooni’s 16:28 Jenika Marion @maedmarion22:17 The Departed Plot Synopsis23:25 Rotten Tomatoes25:00 Buegs’ Hot Take29:03 Rob’s Hot Take33:39 Jenika’s Hot Take41:50 The Dude45:15 The Tucci Award 54:07 The Dingus1:03:51 Show Me The Money1:13:49 Buegs Boo Hoo Moments1:16:13 Movie Trivia1:28:22 The Imitation Game1:39:02 Top 5 Undercover Cop Films Draft
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    A.I. EP. 122: “I Am Spartacus” - That Thing You Do! 25th Anniversary


    You….Doin’ That Thing You Doooooo.That’s right, we talked about the Tom Hanks Beatles-esque classic That Thing You Do! It turns 25 years old this year so we needed to get a recurring guest that loves this movie so much, Nathan Stone! We always have such a good time talking with Nate and his takes are super snappy in this one. We end the episode with a Starting 5 game and our Patrons get to hear us draft our Top 5 Favorite One Hit Wonders! Enjoy!3:03 Best In Show (HBOMax)5:15 Uncle Frank (Amazon Prime)7:03 He’s All That (Netflix)9:43 What We Do In The Shadows Season 2 (HULU)11:30 Cosetta’s Turkey To Go Plugarooni’s 16:21 Nathan Rodes Stone @nathanrodes20:08 Dumpsterfire @TheDmpstr_fire22:27 That Thing You Do Plot Synopsis23:25 Rotten Tomatoes25:23 Buegs’ Hot Take27:08 Rob’s Hot Take30:56 Nate’s Hot Take34:07 The Dude37:09 The Tucci Award45:03 The Dingus55:07 Show Me The Money1:03:24 Buegs Boo Hoo Moments1:08:11 Movie Trivia1:15:15 Judgement Day 1:16:55 The Starting 51:34:38 Top 5 One Hit Wonders Draft

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