That Relationship Show podcast

That Relationship Show

Naomi Rather, LCMHC and Deborah Curtis, LICSW founders of Seacoast EFT

The Couch offers an opportunity to hear experienced marriage counselors share what they've learned from decades of working with couples. If you and your partner are disconnected, unable to talk without arguing or wondering if you can save your relationship, Deb and Nao can help. Their warm, engaging way of talking about EFT can offer hope when all seems lost in your relationship.

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  • That Relationship Show podcast

    Identity, Ethnicity and Couples: A Complex Equation


    EFT Trainer and author Dr. Paul Guillory joins us to discuss his new book: EFT With African American Couples: Love Heals. He explains the many factors that go into racial identity, and how they can leave us "primed for negative" or more flexible. He emphasizes the importance of practicing cultural humility.
  • That Relationship Show podcast

    Beyond Addiction


    Dr. Nicole Kosanke, researcher and Director of Family Services at The Center for Motivation and Change joins us to discuss cutting edge research on the treatment of addiction. She shares what she's learned about how brains change, and offers help for family members who want to be supportive yet still take care of themselves.
  • That Relationship Show podcast

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  • That Relationship Show podcast

    Sex With Dr. Lexx


    Sexologist, author, educator and therapist Dr. Lexx Brown-James joins us for a lively discussion about sex, identity and healing from sexual shame to get back to pleasure in our physical relationships.
  • That Relationship Show podcast

    The Dating Episode


    Dating Coach extraordinaire Cora Boyd joins us to offer tips on everything from putting your authentic foot forward on dating apps to the art of flirting. Based on her years as a matchmaker and thousands of interviews, she offers a fun and hopeful lens to those who are looking for a great relationship or just a great date.
  • That Relationship Show podcast

    The Ultimate Self-Help Guide


    Therapist, author and researcher Deirdre Fay joins us to offer practical advice for helping yourself through life's most difficult and painful moments. With decades of experience she guides us with tangible tips to organize our minds, bodies and hearts, and move more securely in the world--no matter what comes our way.
  • That Relationship Show podcast

    Betrayals in Relationships


    EFT Trainer Dr. Lisa Palmer-Olsen shares her expertise in helping couples who want to heal after a betrayal. She names some blocks to repair, and explains how she learned the importance of therapist self-awareness in developing her remarkable skills.
  • That Relationship Show podcast

    Forgiveness- Part 2


    Stanford Professor & Forgiveness researcher Fred Luskin joins us to offer practical tips for achieving peace of mind after we've been deeply wounded. From Monica Lewinsky to Northern Ireland, he shares his own journey that led to creating the most comprehensive research project on the process of forgiveness.
  • That Relationship Show podcast

    Forgiveness-- Part One


    For couples who have experienced breaches of trust or other injuries, repair, reconciliation and forgiveness can seem out of reach. Psychologist and EFT Trainer Dr. Sam Jinich joins Deb & Nao to offer pathways to healing, even when it means leaving a relationship.
  • That Relationship Show podcast

    Miscarriages, Infertility and Couples


    Reproductive Psychologist Dr. Janet Jaffe joins Deb & Nao to talk about the tremendous impact that miscarriages and infertility have on couples. She explains the power of our reproductive stories, and offers ideas for meaning making and support during what for many couples is the most difficult issue they have ever faced together.
  • That Relationship Show podcast

    Waking up to Different Americas


    We welcome Workplace Success Group CEO Karen Hinds and professor of psychology Dr. Feion Villodas to talk about the two Americas. From overt to implicit racism, and the positions of privilege that have rendered them invisible to many, we explore what well-meaning folks in the majority can do to affect change.

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