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TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast

Test Automation with Joe Colantonio. TestGuild Automation Podcast covers Se

Test Talks is a weekly podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio, which geeks out on all things software test automation. TestTalks covers news found in the testing space, reviews books about automation and speaks with some of the thought leaders in the test automation field. We’ll aim to interview some of today’s most successful and inspiring software engineers and test automation thought leaders.

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  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Accessibility Testing Using Cypress with Pragati Sharma


    As you know, accessibility is important and often requires manual checks. But did you also know that you can leverage Cypress to help automate some of your accessibility tests? In this episode, Pragati Sharma, a Senior Business Consultant at ThoughtWorks, will share how she automates accessibility tests using Cypress and Axe. Learn the basics of accessibility, how to set up Cypress and add accessibility tests to your test suite, and more. Listen up! *** Get free Getting Started with Accessibility Testing using Cypress Course
  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Scaling Automation Using 7Facette with Patrick Döring


    Want to know how to scale your automation tests using AWS Lambda? In this episode, Patrick Döring, a chief architect for test automation, shares an open-source automaton framework he created called 7Facette. Discover how to scale automation testing using Playwright, AWS lambda, an unlimited number of machines for parallel testing, and much more. Listen up!
  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

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  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Building a Software Quality Process from the Ground Up with Evan Niedojadlo


    How do you build a software quality process from the ground up? In this episode, Evan Niedojadlo, an engineer at Peddle, shares his real-world experience of how he did it. Discover how to get leadership and team buy-in, where to begin with testing, know what to automate, what metrics he used, what he would do differently today, and much more. Listen up! Never miss another episode! Join the Guild and get alerted every time we release a new episode 
  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Fitnesse & Visual Regression Tracker with Surat Das


    Are you considering adding visual validation testing to your automation, but not sure where to start? In this episode, Surat will share an open-source solution called Visual Regression Tracker to achieve awesome results. He’ll also share his use of it with his Fitness framework, which is an often-overlooked automation option. Discover what Fitness is, how Surat uses it, and learn about visual regression tracker, test reporting, and much more. Listen up!
  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Playwright and CucumberJS with Sonja Quartz Leaf


    Are you considering using Playwright for your next automation project? In this episode, Sonja Leaf, Director of Engineering at Cloudburst, will share why her team chose Playwright and how it has worked for them so far. Discover why they moved on from Cucumberjs, some newer features of Playwright, visual test automation, and much more. Listen up! Never miss another episode! Join the Guild and get alerted every time we release a new episode 
  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Automation Halloween Special 2021 with Paul Grossman


    Paul is back to share some automation testing tricks and treats in our annual Halloween special. In this episode, Paul Grossman (AKA the DarkArtsWizards) conjures up some automation testing practices that will help ward off flaky automation like garlic to a vampire. Discover automation horror stories, whether codeless automation is the boogeyman, how to avoid zombie bad testing practices, and much more. Don’t be left in the dark -- listen now!
  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Hackable with Ted Harrington


    If you don't fix your security vulnerabilities, attackers will exploit them. As testers, we have a responsibility to help to secure our applications. In this episode, Ted Harrington, author of Hackable: How to Do Application Security Right, shares how to defend against attackers by learning to think like them. Discover how to eradicate security vulnerabilities, establish a threat model, and build security into your development process. Listen up!
  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Automation Engineering Productivity with Dushyant Acharya


    Software development is moving faster than ever in a continuous delivery model, and traditional test automation is sometimes not enough to keep up. In this episode, technology leader Dushyant Acharya, will share how the engineering productivity paradigm helps expand test automation and make it more effective. Discover how to increase software development productivity with development workflow, including test automation, infrastructure, and efficient product delivery.
  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Evolving Test Automation with Ethan Chung


    The success of DevOps is intrinsically linked to test automation. But how do you quickly scale your automation effort to keep up with the speed of delivery?  In this episode, Ethan Chung, a Solutions Architect at  Keysight Technologies, will share a comprehensive DevOps strategy that he has seen work for other companies.  Discover the power of automation intelligence, team collaboration hacks, handling the ever-expanding test surface, and much more.
  • TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast podcast

    Let's Talk About Failure Game with Paul Grizzaffi


    Want to know how to choose an automation tool? In this episode, Paul Grizzaffi will share how ignoring your company's automation ecosystem get you into trouble. Discover all aspects of the automation ecosystem (goals/strategy, audience, environment) in depth. Listen up to find out how to win at the game of automation.

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