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Dave Lang & Darryl Wisner

Join Dave Lang and Darryl Wisner as they share tales from the front lines of game development. They have worked on all sorts of games, and they talk about them all. The guys also talk about current events in the industry, and try to offer a unique perspective on the state of games today. Also, travel stories. Lots of travel stories.

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  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E046 – Getting Fully Boostered


    EMERGENCY ALERT! INCOMING STORY ABOUND WITH QUESTIONABLE AUDIO QUALITY! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES ABOUT ROAD TRIP SHENANIGANS! 1:00 – Snyder Cut4:00 – Gaming Updates13:15 – “A real widowmaker of a story” The post S3E046 – Getting Fully Boostered appeared first on Team GFB Radio.
  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E045 – Grieving Frozen Batteries


    What is up cats and kittens? Team GFB is back with more stories of injuries, gaming, and a lot of bizarre climate. Cozy up and listen to Dave and Darryl regale you with some very long stories. 1:20 – Old Man Injuries5:00 – Gaming Updates20:10 – A Very Long Story52:05 – Walmart “All Access” The post S3E045 – Grieving Frozen Batteries appeared first on Team GFB Radio.
  • Team GFB Radio podcast

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  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E044 – Geriatric Fragile Backs


    It’s 2021 and Dave is back with Darryl to talk about the best things of 2020 and some promising new investments. Take care of yourself and don’t break your fragile quarantine bones. 0:30 – Old man Wisner3:00 – January Events9:00 – Hitman 313:00 – James Bond15:30 – 3D Printing18:30 – Tainted Grail20:00 – Tesla X28:55 … Continue reading S3E044 – Geriatric Fragile Backs The post S3E044 – Geriatric Fragile Backs appeared first on Team GFB Radio.
  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E043 – Gaming Founder Buddies


    Dave meets with Alexander Fernandez of Video Games, Real Talk to talk about their work together, as well as the past, present, and future of Dave Lang. 3:30 – CB4 and Chappelle’s Show5:15 – IP Ownership in the Game Industry12:15 – DiveKick and learning The Long Game20:45 – Realizing when it’s not working26:45 – Hedging … Continue reading S3E043 – Gaming Founder Buddies The post S3E043 – Gaming Founder Buddies appeared first on Team GFB Radio.
  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E042 – Gently Fractured Bones


    It’s 2021 and Dave and Darryl are back with stories from the end of the year and talks of what is to come. Strap in and get ready for a lot of talk about 3D Printing. 1:00 – Pupdates13:30 – Covid Fitness16:35 – Holiday Stuff20:30 – 3D Printers55:00 – Future Topics The post S3E042 – Gently Fractured Bones appeared first on Team GFB Radio.
  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E041 – Gutting Foreclosed Buildings


    What up everyone? Dave is back with Iron Galaxy co-CEO Chelsea Blasko to talk about her humble beginnings and her rise to great success in the game industry. 1:30 – First experiences with games6:15 – Getting into programming9:35 – A brief departure from gaming11:05 – College16:50 – Teaching18:15 – “Inventing the Selfie”21:15 – Getting out … Continue reading S3E041 – Gutting Foreclosed Buildings The post S3E041 – Gutting Foreclosed Buildings appeared first on Team GFB Radio.
  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E040 – Get Forty Boons


    Dave has Will Smith on to talk about beards, PUBG, games, and varying other things not having to do with Men in Black or the Fresh Prince. 1:30 – Charity Stream Beefs6:30 – What is the F— 2020 Moment for Will Smith?10:55 – What kind of quarantine beard does a bearded person get?11:45 – PUBG16:55 … Continue reading S3E040 – Get Forty Boons The post S3E040 – Get Forty Boons appeared first on Team GFB Radio.
  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E039 – Grilling Fat Birds


    Just in time for the election to have been called for the 38th time, Dave and Darryl are back! Stories abound of mysterious weather, marathon streams, travel, and turkeys. 0:30 – Falling Iguanas3:10 – Extra Life Marathon14:10 – Election Day19:45 – Travel27:30 – Walkabout Minigolf31:50 – Tesla Update36:50 – Bezos’d Again39:50 – New Consoles48:00 – … Continue reading S3E039 – Grilling Fat Birds The post S3E039 – Grilling Fat Birds appeared first on Team GFB Radio.
  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E038 – Go Find Bugsnax!


    Phil Tibitoski is back and reminding us that there is not a ‘w’ in his name. He’s here this week to discuss BugSnax with Dave and answer all your pressing questions. 2:00 – Bugsnax Original Concepts9:30 – Employee / Team Management13:45 – QA and Scaling up16:00 – Deciding the New Project18:00 – Playtesting21:25 – Distribution24:50 … Continue reading S3E038 – Go Find Bugsnax! The post S3E038 – Go Find Bugsnax! appeared first on Team GFB Radio.
  • Team GFB Radio podcast

    S3E037 – Ghosts Favor “Boo”


    Welcome back, dear listeners, at the spookiest time of the year! That’s right, it’s two weeks before the presidential election HALLOWEEN! Dave and Darryl sit down and talk about only the scariest video games and the scariest consumer electronics. 1:00 – How to talk to Trump Supporter3:30 – What to do on Election Night9:30 – … Continue reading S3E037 – Ghosts Favor “Boo” The post S3E037 – Ghosts Favor “Boo” appeared first on Team GFB Radio.

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