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A podcast for everyone who wants to get inspired towards authenticity, freedom and joy. Featuring the "AskTeal" episodes, meditations and inspiration by author and public speaker Teal Swan.

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    Why People Don’t Want To Hear or Speak The Truth


    The truth can be very tough to accept. That's why some people don't want to hear or speak the truth. But in fact, it's not that easy. In this video, I'll talk about this sensitive topic.
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    Technology. Why You Should Be Kind To Your Computer And Smartphone


    The other day, someone overheard me sweet talking my own cell phone when I accidentally dropped it. And of course, like most people would do, they teased me for it. It is easy to assume, based on how I acted, that I have personified my cell phone and projected the feelings that I would have if I were dropped, onto the cell phone… I cannot even tell you how much I wish that were the case. But it’s not. Because of that interaction, it became obvious to me that the vast majority of people on earth do not understand technology. Nor do they understand just what a dangerous position we have already gotten ourselves into relative to technology (much less the dangerous position we will get ourselves into in the future). And for this reason, I’m going to help you to understand technology more clearly.
  • Teal Swan podcast

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  • Teal Swan podcast

    Why School Can Be A Way To Avoid Taking Responsibility


    Why School Can Be A Way To Avoid Taking Responsibility  In this video I'm going to explain how some people avoid taking responsibility by endless learning. Learning is something that is seen as a good and right thing to do in human society today. This means it makes you see yourself (and also other people see you) as right and good when you dedicate yourself to it… to acquiring new and more knowledge. And to acquiring new skills and credentials. You don’t need me to sit here and tell you that learning is a good thing. Some people enjoy the experience of learning and therefore do more of it than other people. But no matter who you are, learning is part of the process of progressing and expanding and therefore, it is something that never ends. You will be learning for the rest of your life. But today, for the sake of your awareness, you need to become aware of a shadow that can use learning to hide behind.
  • Teal Swan podcast

    Do you need a Scapegoat to make your relationship work?


    So many people encounter relationship problems and feel like because those problems pose such a threat (a threat to things like their survival and needs and self-concept etc), they can’t face them, take charge of them and work through them. Instead, they find a way to deny, displace, disown, project, deflect, suppress and avoid them. And today, I’m going to tell you about just one of the most common strategies that people use to do this… They find a bad guy.
  • Teal Swan podcast

    Why the 'IF YOU LOVE ME' pattern is responsible for many breakups


    Why the 'If You Love Me' pattern is responsible for many breakups  What reason is responsible for so many breakups? It's the 'if you love me' pattern. In this video I'm going to explain to you what the ' if you love me' pattern is.
  • Teal Swan podcast

    The Power Play Of Limbo


    Limbo is an uncertain period of time or state of uncertainty and/or non resolution, where a person is awaiting an important decision, action or resolution. It is an intermediate state or condition.  There are some reasons why a person would actually get a positive kickback by creating or maintaining a state of limbo for themselves and/or for others. 
  • Teal Swan podcast

    Empowering Message for Humanity


    Teal Swan's Message for Humanity
  • Teal Swan podcast

    You Don't Really Own Anything and Here's Why


    You cannot truly ever own anything you come into contact with. All you can do is to enjoy it and be with it for a time. All you can do, is to experience the great honor and rewards of being a steward for certain people, places and things here. All things in existence have agency, autonomy, independent will, desires, needs and best interests that may be different from your own. You are merely in a relationship with all things.
  • Teal Swan podcast

    Why It Takes Two to Make a Relationship Work and Only One to Ruin It


    Why It Takes Two to Make a Relationship Work and Only One to Ruin It.  It only takes one person to ruin a relationship but it takes two to make a #relationship work. In this video I'm going to explain to you what I mean by that. It’s time to dismantle a revered societal belief, because this societal belief prevents people from seeing the truth of relationships as they really are. The belief it’s time to dismantle is: It takes two to ruin a relationship.
  • Teal Swan podcast

    Be Consciously Transactional


    Be Consciously Transactional. Why Every Relationship is Transactional Today, I’m going to take you way out on a limb by challenging one of the beliefs that current society holds most dear. I ask you to proceed with a very open mind. Because changing the perspective you hold about this, has the capacity to positively overhaul your life. 

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