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Step into the world of commercial real estate and join us for Talking Property with CBRE. In this podcast series, industry-leading experts discuss what’s shaping the property industry and what this means for businesses like yours.

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  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    Build-to-Rent in the Regions


    Pacific Build-to-Rent, or BTR, is at an early stage of emergence. While most Build-to-Rent developments to date have focused on major cities, data from our recent report series ‘Build-to-Rent in the Regions’ has shown that different regional locations within Australia and New Zealand have factors that are supportive of local development.In this episode of Talking Property we discuss how regional BTR is likely to evolve in the future, explore the driving forces behind this growth and how a BTR asset in a regional location differs from those in the city. Hosted by Tamba Carleton, Associate Director CBRE Research, New Zealand with special guests Craig Godber and Associate Director, Head of Residential Research, Australia and Natasha Sarkar, Director of Structured Transactions & Advisory in New Zealand.Read the full report here
  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    The Psychology of Place


    Talking about property is so much more than the physical building – it’s about placemaking, building community and creating opportunities for connection, something that has become so important in the wake of the COVID pandemic.In this episode of Talking Property, Jennifer Brown, National Director of Property Management at CBRE sits down with Letitia Hope, Partnership Specialist at ISPT. Together they talk about the psychology of place, why it’s so important for workplaces, and how creating opportunities for connection will be key to the workforce of the future.
  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

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  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    The Rise of Australia's Life Sciences Sector


    The life science industry is expected to be a major growth sector in Australia over the coming years with global pharmaceutical companies expanding their production capabilities across R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. This expansion, backed by Federal Government support is set to solidify Australia’s sovereign capability as the COVID-19 pandemic prompts a greater focus on this sector. So how will this impact occupier and investment activity growth within commercial property and where do we see this sector in ten years?In this episode of Talking Property, Sass J-Baleh Head of Industrial & Logistics Research at CBRE sits down with Julie Phillips, CEO Biodiem Pty Ltd, Jack Walters Head of I&L Transactions at Charter Hall and Chris O’Brien Executive Director, Capital Markets, I&L at CBRE. Together, they take a closer a look at the Australian life sciences sector from pharmaceutical manufacturing and demand for life science assets, through to the types of investor groups showing more interest, major transactions and their predictions for industry growth over the next decade. This episode discusses findings from CBRE research report A New Era of Growth in Life Sciences. To read the full report, click here
  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    Next Generation of Residential Real Estate


    The Covid-19 pandemic has not only challenged the way we work but also the way we live. So, can the emerging Residential Living Sectors really change our love affair for home ownership and residential property investment?In this episode of Talking Property, our experts shine a spotlight on emerging residential investment asset classes such as Build-to-Rent, Co-Living, PBSA and Affordable Housing and seek to understand what the hype is about and whether they are here to stay.Join CBRE’s Rosie Young, specialist in Purpose Built Student Accommodation & Co-Living and Steph Harper, specialist in Build-to-Rent and Affordable Housing as they unpack this emerging sector. Touching on terminology, commonalities between the sub sectors, demand drivers for investment and how this sector has weathered the Covid-19 pandemic and the current market outlook. To find out more about Residential Living Sectors visit
  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    A New Era of Life Sciences Growth


    The life science industry has seen rapid growth within our region in recent years, supported by expanding demand from Asia Pacific’s large and ageing population and supportive government policies. While global pharmaceutical giants from the U.S. and Europe still dominate the market, Asia Pacific based firms are expanding rapidly, which account for 28% of the global revenue in 2020. In this episode of Talking Property, Henry Chin CBRE’s Global Head of Investor Thought Leadership sits down with Mark Coster Head of Capital Markets, Pacific and David Keenan National Director of Science & Research, Australia. Together, they explore the latest trends, demand drivers, corporate real estate strategies and investment opportunities in major life sciences hubs across the Pacific.The full report can be found at
  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    Hybrid Working: Leadership Success & Occupancy Planning


    Hybrid working was a hot topic in 2020 with organisational leaders around the world reassessing how they operate, while adjusting to a continuously changing environment. In 2021, the term ‘hybrid working’ has become commonplace – but what does it mean and how do organisations implement it successfully?In this episode of Talking Property, we set out to explore what makes or breaks hybrid working, the opportunities it presents for businesses as well as the impact on occupancy planning and how organisations can implement hybrid working as part of their operational model. Hosted by Jess Thomas, Associate Director Workplace Strategy and Change Management with special guests Kirstin Cooper, Senior Workplace Consultant and Chris Pinto, Change and Transformation Manager at CBRE.
  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    To Stay or Go? Evaluating Workplace Solutions


    The world has changed rapidly and how we service our clients and provide meaningful solutions has required adaptability at a faster rate than ever before. As we move forward, the traditional workplace and what it offers is evolving too. So, what does this mean for both tenants and landlords? In this episode of Talking Property, we set out to answer the question ‘to stay or to go’ and break down what to consider when reviewing individual workplace non-negotiable's, requirements and objectives. Hosted by Angelo Pavanello Head of Advisory & Transaction Occupier Services for Victoria and South Australia and Jess Ryper, Associate Director from CBRE’s Project Management. Together, they will unpack what it means to assess your individual requirements and arm you with all the tools you need to make informed and sound decisions for your business.
  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    The Future of I&L Property


    Imagine a world where your groceries arrive at your front door, delivered by autonomous vehicle or drone without having made an order - your smart fridge has done all of this for you. It might seem like a strange concept, but this is just one of the ways innovations in technology are changing the landscape of the Industrial & Logistics sector. In this episode of Talking Property, James Jorgensen, State Director Industrial & Logistics in Victoria sits down with Christine Miller, CBRE’s Pacific Head of Supply Chain and special guest Michelle McNally, General Manager Group Property at Australia Post. Together, they unpack some of the ways the industry is embracing technology to create stronger, faster and more efficient supply chains in response to the rise in e-commerce, consumerism and changing buyer expectations and make their predictions on what the industry will look like in 2030.
  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    A valuer's view on the Residential property market


    Property has seen one of the most significant growth surges in over three decades. In such a fast-paced growth market how do you know what the real-value of a property is, and what lifestyle factors are pushing real estate trends in 2021.In this episode of Talking Property we discuss how Valuers view the current property market and get their expert insight into property watch-outs for the months ahead. Hosted by Kat Hale, National Valuer Care and Development Manager at CBRE with special guests Kate Beekink, Residential Property Valuer in Perth, Western Australia and John Duncan, Certified Practising Valuer on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.
  • Talking Property with CBRE podcast

    How technology is shaping Facilities Management


    The world has changed rapidly, and how we deliver facilities management services has had to adapt just as quickly. In this episode of Talking Property, we discuss how Microsoft HoloLens is transforming the facilities management sector through immersive communication and accelerating the timeline between fault detection and rectification. Michael Elliott, Environmental Operations Manager at CBRE sits down with Lawrence Crumpton, Microsoft Mixed Reality Solution and Partners Lead for APAC and Miquel Vidal, Head of Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions for CBRE to learn more.

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