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Indigenous African Voices at COP26 and Beyond

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In this episode of Sustain267 Podcast we are joined by Nalejileji Tipap from the Pastoralist Indigenous Non-Governmental Organizations' Forum in Tanzania and Gasemotho Satau, the Chairperson of the Indigenous People’s Coordination Committee for the SADC Region in Shakawe, Botswana. We discuss their journey to and at COP26 and bring the conversation home to their lived experiences as indigenous people of Africa in the present day.

Contact details for support

Nalejileji Tipap- Pastoralist Indigenous Non-Governmental Organizations' Forum, ntipap [at] pingosforum[dot]or[dot]tz

Gasemotho Satua- Trust for Okavango Cultural and Development Initiatives (TOCaDI), gsatau[at]gmail[dot]com

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