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Stitchery Stories... Where textile artists share their life in fabric and thread. Embroidery. Textile Art. Inspiration, Techniques, Disasters and Delights. Join embroidery enthusiast and textile art dabbler, Susan Weeks, in her friendly weekly chats with UK textile artists. Discover how they got started. Share the lessons learned along the way. Get excited about what they are working on at the moment. Learn how they keep their business growing, their creativity flowing, and get a sneak peek into what is coming next...

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    Jennie-maree Tempest : Beautiful Botanical Sculptures


    Jennie-maree Tempest is a textile artist living on the Bass Coast of Australia. After many years creating art quilts and portraits, she has decided to challenge her textile art skills and creativity by creating textile art botanical sculptures. Jennie-maree focuses her creativity inspired by the native Australian species that grow around her coastal home. The latest is a flowering yucca that is around 6ft / nearly 2m tall! It has been a massive undertaking, and has taken over four months of hard work to create. It's not only a challenge of textile art but also of construction. How did she make such a large item out of fabric & threads? Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art podcast, Jennie-maree Tempest chats with Susan Weeks about her inspirations and challenges and her creative life by the coast. For this episode... View Show Notes, Links & Examples of Jennie-maree's work at Visit: Like : Look : Buy : Pin :  
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    Nikki Parmenter: Exuberant mixed-media textile artist


    Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art podcast, Nikki Parmenter shares her life in fabric & thread & a wide range of interesting materials too! She chats with Susan Weeks about the wide range of inspirations and materials that she uses to create her large scale art. And although Nikki has a Fine Art background, she is very much self-taught when it comes to incorporating textiles and embroidery into the mix! Plenty of experimenting has developed a vivid and exuberant style. Nikki 'escaped' the world of education back in 2016 but her absolute delight in teaching people still shines through everything that she does, and teaching is still an important aspect of her art practice. In fact, as the global pandemic took hold, and everything was cancelled, Nikki carried on experimenting, and moved online, becoming very visible, and offering online workshops and talks via Zoom rather than the traditional 'in-person' approach. She shares plenty of tips and insight into how she did that, and the results she has generated. For this episode... all links, info & examples of Nikki's work at
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    Tanya Bentham : What is Opus Anglicanum embroidery?


    Tanya Bentham is an expert in the style of hand embroidery known as 'Opus Anglicanum'. It is a style of embroidery that was prevalent in the 13th & 14th centuries in England. Very specific stitches are used in a specific way with specific materials and style. Tanya shares her fascinating story of how she got started in embroidery and how the obsession with Opus Anglicanum started. It may sound dull that Tanya takes her inspiration from Medieval manuscripts. Far from it! Those manuscripts contain hilarious situations and crazy characters and this was an area that I wanted to dig down into with Tanya. There is a lot of humour in her work. She also loves to take old images and put a modern twist on them, but still using relevant imagery and sticking strictly to the style and methods of the era. Tanya has brought all that knowledge and experience together and her first book is just about to be published... exciting times! Susan Weeks chats with Tanya about: What is Opus Anglicanum? The main stitches used and the specific thread. Her twist of 'The 3 living & the 3 dead' How to create a face in Opus Anglicanum Historical re-enactment Writing her book Knitting in the dark! Finding it difficult to start things and preferring longer bigger projects Where do all the crazy characters and silly scenes come from? Just how nerdy is nerdy? Medieval simplicity vs Jacobean crewelwork exuberance Learning which rules you can break so it is still 'Medieval' What to wear when you are a proper artist A fab excuse for not finishing a piece of embroidery.... For this episode... View Show Notes, Links & Examples of Tanya's work at Visit: Like : Read : Look : Watch: Tweet: SIGN UP for Crafty Online Course Creator's Workbox to get started for FREE on your online course creation journey Other episodes you might like! Other links and things we talked about: The Luttrell Psalter The Syon Cope Bananarama Asterix & Obelix Tintin Les Dawson - wonky piano playing
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    Vendulka Battais: An inspiring textile artist moving with the times


    Vendulka Battais is a textile artist, quilter, embroiderer and designer who started her creative journey making clothes with her mum in the Czech Republic. She learnt simple patchwork when she moved to the UK and was looking for a new hobby! Vendulka shares her fabulous story of where that early interest in patchwork took her. It's a story of creativity and of making opportunities and of taking action. From squares and triangles, Vendulka's work has evolved into quilting and embroidery, and a love of circular patterns inspired by mandalas and dream-catchers. Her love of teaching shines through with in-person classes and her new range of online video courses too. Susan Weeks chats with Vendulka about: Coming out of covid lockdown and wondering what's next. Her dream of creating on demand online video classes. It's a whole new set of skills creating an online course. If you don't have guidance then you need plenty of time for trial and error! Investing effort into creating an on-demand online course is creating future income Habits have changed and online courses are now seen as a great way of learning and networking Running her fabric & haberdashery shop in Suffolk Starting her creative adventure with simple patchwork and quilting Starting a group which encourages designers to share their patterns and a central place to buy patterns from Connecting designers / creators with makers Being inspired by a 'stairway to heaven' Wanting to turn her hobby into a business and support her family Learning how to run a shop Celebrating 10 years as a shop business owner It's OK to improve over time... Just Start! Learning how to create with what you have The meditative effect of free motion quilting Glow in the dark fabric mandalas For this episode... View Show Notes, Links & Examples of Vendulka's work at Visit: Like : Look : Watch:   JOIN our Facebook Group to Buy & Sell patterns SIGN UP for Crafty Online Course Creator's Workbox to get started for FREE on your online course creation journey   Other episodes you might like  
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    Lorraine Turner: textile art supporting endangered animals


    Lorraine Turner is a textile artist who gives support for endangered animals through her vibrant textile art. Lorraine has been a practicing artist for many years as a graphic designer, working on wide variety of commercial projects but her adventure into textile art started a few years ago, and she adopted the 'no rules' approach to her textile art creations. Lorraine works on large textile art portraits of endangered animals, using bright patterned fabrics, materials and techniques that she experiments with to achieve what's in her head. Fabric applique, hand and free machine embroidery, aspects of quilting, so many techniques are layered together to produce her stunning art. A key impact on Lorraine's work is her inspiration. Endangered animals come to her via her daily meditations and tell her their stories and troubles. This is a fascinating story of working from the heart and attracting fabulous opportunities along the way. Lorraine chats with Susan Weeks in this episode of Stitchery Stories textile art podcast. Her current Monarch butterfly art challenge The 'no rules' method of developing her textile art Taking it all back to the core Developing the commercial aspects of her art practice to support her focus & passions Generating revenue & charging for her expertise Meditation as inspiration for textile art How to shut off your brain and unplug Working with groups and uplifting children What makes your heart sing? Attracting amazing opportunities For this episode... View Links, information & Examples of Lorraine's work at Visit: Like: Look: Buy: Sew: Monarch Butterfly Challenge   Follow Sue for course creation and online marketing stuff Sign up for information on Sue's 'How To Create An Online Course' which is specifically created for textile artists and other crafty business owners. Get your FREE "Crafty Online Course Creator's Workbox" and fortnightly 'Crafty Course Chat' Other Episodes You Might Like: Janine Heschl Kate Tume  
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    Catriona Baird : The Story Of The Paisley Pattern and Paisley Shawls


    Catriona Baird is Textiles Curator at Paisley Museum, in Scotland, which celebrates it's 150th anniversary on 11th April 2021. Catriona shares the story of the Paisley pattern - that swirly floral stylised teardrop motif that pops up in so many designs and objects, as well as of course on the famous Paisley Shawls. This is a story that brings together geography, history, fashion and textiles and gives a fabulous insight into early industrial textile production too. In this episode of Stitchery Stories, Catriona Baird chats with Susan Weeks around: Her current research as part of the Paisley Museum Re-imagined Project What is the Paisley Pattern Where did the Paisley pattern originate The history of Paisley as an important textile production centre Making Paisley Shawls The Jaquard Loom and making 'point paper' designs Paisley Museum history & its collections The types and styles of Paisley shawls The first exhibition of Paisley shawls The links with The Needlework Development Scheme Investigating the museum collections The museum re-development project And we also make a CALLOUT for interesting objects which feature the Paisley pattern and have an interesting story. If you have an interesting Paisley object with an interesting story then please email a picture and the story to Catriona at the museum and she will be delighted. Email: [email protected] For this episode... View Links, information & Examples of the paisley pattern at Visit: Like: Look: Tweet: @PaisleyMuseum Follow Sue for course creation and online marketing stuff Sign up for information on Sue's 'How To Create An Online Course' which is specifically created for textile artists and other crafty business owners. Get your FREE "Crafty Online Course Creator's Workbox" Other Episodes You Might Like: Lindy Richardson & The Needlework Development Scheme Dr Jennie Batchelor & The Great Lady's Magazine Stitch-off Clare Hunter: Banner Maker Writing The Threads Of Life  
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    Gail Cowley: The School Of Stitched Textiles


    Dr Gail Cowley is the founder and director of The School Of Stitched Textiles. Through the school, Gail offers a range of courses from beginner through to advanced practitioner, in a range of textile related subjects. As we hit the one year anniversary of Covid disruptions, lockdowns and challenges, we dig into many topics around online education and the acceptance of technology and learning via the internet. Gail shares tons of wisdom around creating online courses for practical, art and craft topics, and the changes that she has witnessed over the last few years in particular. We also chat about building and maintaining community around our stitching and learning, as well as how we can all support the things that we love. In this episode of Stitchery Stories, Gail Cowley chats with Susan Weeks around: knitting socks: her new lockdown obsession the volume of course work produced by her students during the pandemic everyone being more comfortable with video chats, using zoom, Facebook lives etc connections & community her path to being an online course creator evolution of moving courses into digital delivery working with a professional videographer making filming an enjoyable experience... ... and how it shows in the finished videos. It's time to 'up our game' in the quality of our digital content production the pleasure of following students progress into employment & business opportunities the impact we have on other's lives the unexpected contents in a bag of a student's work new courses coming up in needle felting & crewel work the new online exhibition to showcase students work the Stitch Directory: directory of small independent suppliers Please support your local independent suppliers For this episode... View Links, information & Examples from The School Of Stitched Textiles courses at Visit: Like: Look: Pin: Watch: Sign up for information on Sue's 'How To Create An Online Course' which is specifically created for textile artists and other crafty business owners. Get your FREE "Crafty Online Course Creator's Workbox"   Other Episodes You Might Like: Sara Dennis Jane Sanders Ami James   Other people & Places mentioned: The Repair Shop Gawthorpe Hall  
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    Ruth Norbury: Capturing urban decay with textile art


    Ruth Norbury is a textile artist who specialises in creating urban decay art. But Ruth is full of contrasts and surprises, and today we dig into her story. She is almost entirely self taught, and loves to experiment to create the look and feel of her textile art. It's an ongoing challenge to represent the processes of decay in the urban landscape and buildings, using fabric and thread. So with that being said... you will be surprised to discover the subject that Ruth had been embroidering for many years! Feeling trapped by the commercial success of her embroidery art, Ruth has (finally) allowed her true artistic soul to emerge and guess what? What she produces now brings more success than her original topic ever did! There is so much to chat about and reflect upon  in our conversation. In this episode of Stitchery Stories, Ruth chats with Susan Weeks around: falling into an artistic genre that really doesn't reflect your true soul being brave to make changes so you can be more 'you' even a small niche is massive on the global internet having the confidence to step into your true niche attracting your true audience, your 'tribe' as they say the confidence in deciding to do your thing and be you printing experiments a novel way of dealing with UFO's the camera never lies.... canal boat living the dragon phase the perils and delights of taking (and offering) advice excited about experimenting again For this episode... View Links, information & Examples of Ruth's urban decay artwork at Visit: Like: Look: Other Episodes You Might Like: Claire Fell Laura Edgar Sorrell Kerrison Other people & Places mentioned: Tides gallery, Mumbles  
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    Penny Hill: Embroiderers Guild In Crisis


    The Embroiderers' Guild in the UK was established back in 1906 and is a charity established to build awareness of stitch and textile art. They educate, encourage, inspire and promote the achievement of excellence. And also the Guild preserves an important collection of embroidery and textile art. Penny Hill is one of the Board of trustees of the Guild and today (February 2021) we are chatting about a very upsetting crisis within the Guild. It is on the verge of financial collapse, and drastic measures are being proposed by the Trustees to rescue what can be rescued to best meet the Guild's charitable objectives (and requirements). The members of the Guild are understandably upset and angry at the measures being proposed, and therefore I invited the Guild to come and chat about what's happening. Penny stepped up to chat with me Susan Weeks chats with Penny Hill around the issues facing the Embroiderers Guild and the forthcoming General Meeting to be held on 4th March 2021. We talked about: The role of the trustees The origins and history of the guild The crisis resulting from falling membership and closing branches The drastic proposals to save the Guild & the collection What will happen to the Branches going forward Looking forward For this episode... View Links, information & Examples of some embroidery from the collection at Visit: Like: Look: Learn: JoinIn: Other Episodes You Might Like: Guild Scholars: David Morrish Georgina Bellamy Beryl Dean Award recipient Jan Dowson Featured Guild Trustees: Anthea Godfrey Loetitia Gibier   Tartan Designer: Emma Wilkinson  
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    Deanne Fitzpatrick : Rug Hooking Artist


    Deanne Fitzpatrick is the artist and businesswoman behind HookingRugs, a globally popular rug hooking business based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Deanne shares with us a very interesting glimpse behind the scenes of her daily life as an artist and creative business owner. Susan Weeks chats with Deanne today on the Stitchery Stories textile art podcast. We delve into the backstory of how Deanne got hooked on rug hooking and why and how she started to develop a business around her beloved hobby. She talks about her creative process, and inspirations and her passion for sharing her art through rug hooking kits, online courses creation, several books about rug hooking and her successful weekly Facebook 'lives'. For this episode... View Show Notes, Links & Examples of Deanne's work at Visit: Like: Listen: Look: Other Episodes You Might Like: Tina Francis Jenni Dutton Other places, people & things mentioned: Art Gallery Of Nova Scotia Nimbus Publishing

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