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MPox 101, Community and Global response

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Today we talk about transmission, diagnosis and management of MPox. We will also review the UK community and the World Health’s Organization's perspective on this virus. Please note that after the recording of this podcast the WHO implemented a change of the name of the virus to MPox. Dr Fabiola Martin, STI's Podcast editor, interviews Dr Liesbeth Van Gestel, ID physician and clinical researcher at the Tropical Institute of Antwerp, Belgium; Mr Simon Collins, director and co-founder of HIV iBase London, UK; as well as Dr Meg Doherty, the World Health Organisation’s Director of Global HIV, Hepatitis and STIs Programmes.

For more information, please read the STI recently published articles: one from Vanhamel and co-authors tracking the transmission of the virus in the early phases of the outbreak in Belgium (, and a second from Heskin and colleagues reporting on the rapid response of sexual health services to the outbreak in the UK (

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