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Square Meters is a sneak peek art culture podcast hosted by Alessandra Chiericato and produced by The Room Projects. In each episode, Alessandra introduces the listeners into the studio of nowadays artists and authors. From the description of their actual workplace to the designation of a potential one, the podcast offers a unique perspective from some of the most interesting people in the visual art scene, music, theatre, and art critic.

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  • Square Meters podcast

    François Bianco | "I always think how to build a kind of landscape"


    Depuis ses premiers pas à l’École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris dans l’atelier d’Emmanuel Saunier, François Bianco compose des assemblages qui mettent en relation différents matériaux. Que ce soit de la pierre, du ciment, du métal, des sons ou des images, il entretient toujours un rapport poétique avec eux, et pratique toujours la suggestion plutôt que l’affirmation. La notion de fragment est omniprésente chez lui. - Anaël PigeatNé en 1985, François Bianco travaille à Arcueil, France.
  • Square Meters podcast

    Elsa Brès | "All the collaborative aspects of my work design different spaces"


    Elsa Brès (b. 1985) graduated from Le Fresnoy national studio of contemporary art (2017) & Paris-Belleville school of architecture (2012) -where she teached architecture and landscape theory.Her films and installations focus on forces of resistance in contemporary landscapes.Talking about her workplace, Elsa Brès says: "All the collaborative aspects of my work design different spaces". She lives and works between Les Cévennes (Bréau) and Paris.
  • Square Meters podcast

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  • Square Meters podcast

    Antoine Donzeaud | "It's a balance between mind space and physical space"


    Antoine Donzeaud (born 1985 in Vitry-sur-Seine, FR) is a visual artist based in Paris, France. His practice explores both social and physical structures in contemporary society with regards to architecture and space, identity and community.Talking about his workplace Antoine Donzeaud says "It's a balance between mind space and physical space".
  • Square Meters podcast

    Laura Dondoli | "Creation is a lonely place"


    Laura Dondoli studied Fashion Design in Florence. Since 2008 she has been creating and curating costumes for theatre and live arts. She currently works as a freelancer in Italy and abroad. Talking about her studio she says "Creation is a lonely place [...] a silent and quiet space".
  • Square Meters podcast

    Antoine Renard | "I want my studio to be a laboratory"


    Antoine Renard is a visual artist living and working in Paris, France. He mainly practices sculpture, drawing and installation, his plastic language develops around issues related to adolescence, the body, intoxication and transformation. Talking about his workplace Antoine Renard says “I want my studio to be my laboratory”.
  • Square Meters podcast

    Arash Hanaei | "A suburb is an empty space for new ideas"


    This episode features Arash Hanaei, visual artist from Tehran. Arash Hanaei lives and works between Paris and Tehran. After studying photography at Azad University of Tehran he developed his practice combining different mediums and techniques. Talking about his workplace Arash Hanaei says “A suburb is an empty space for new ideas”.
  • Square Meters podcast

    Hannah Archambault | "Sound is living in the space"


    Hannah Archambault was born in 1996 in the Paris suburbs to a Polish mother and a French father. She studied photography at the Gobelins before joining the Royal College of Art in London where she is exploring sound art. Talking about her workplace Hannah Archambault says “Sound is living in the space”.
  • Square Meters podcast

    Nicola Lo Calzo | "In the artistic process the studio comes after the photographic mission"


    Square Meters features Nicola Lo Calzo, a photographer, queer artist and Ph.D. researcher from Italy. Nicola lives and works in Paris where he teaches photography at École nationale supérieure d’arts Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC). Trained as a heritage curator at the Polytechnic University of Turin, he shifted to photography in 2008. His photographic practice and research are attentive to questions surrounding heritage, coloniality, and identity.
  • Square Meters podcast

    Nelson Pernisco | "The artist run space is where to define oneself and find a community"


    Nelson Pernisco’s work has to be explored the way we would approach the third-places he makes his own; seen as a space of free indiscipline where critical thinking breads new utopias. From urban squats to industrial wastelands, the visual artist took it upon himself to discover the various means of occupying territories, of constructing housings, and the way they act as a catalyst for political orders. His aesthetic is dry and in some way, brutalist. He relies on recycling poor and recovered materials, presented as touchstones of a world that may already be in ruins, and is at best under never-ending construction.
  • Square Meters podcast

    LaTurbo Avedon | "I can blur the lines of the work and the studio"


    LaTurbo Avedon is an avatar and artist, working solely from the Internet. Their work emphasizes the practice of nonphysical identity and authorship. Over the past ten years they have explored the growing relationship between users and virtual environments. They create this body of work using the simulation tools of the current moment.

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