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i don’t want to “have it all” - and that’s okay

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👚Merch - https://shopisla.co 💼Business Inquiries - https://www.manifestelle.com/contact ✨All other links - https://beacons.ai/manifestelle We discuss the societal pressure for women to "have it all" and the importance of making choices that expand your choices, not limit them. Elle emphasizes that women are not weak or lazy for wanting to stay home with their children and that managing the home and children is a full-time job. Therefore, expecting women to do all that plus work outside the home is not pro-women. Elle suggests that dating provider men is essential for women who want to have the choice to work or stay home after childbirth. They explain that being with a provider man expands your choices, while being with a man who cannot or does not want to provide limits your choices. The author also highlights the importance of learning from others and validating that it's perfectly fine to not "have it all." This episode is a thought-provoking discussion that challenges the societal pressure and expectations placed on women. It provides valuable insights on how women can empower themselves by making informed decisions that expand their choices. The discussion is a must-read for anyone looking to break free from societal pressures and make life decisions that benefit themselves. Keywords: women, provider man, dating, values, empowerment.

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