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Mamie Thurman's Lingering Spirit

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Head southwest out of Logan, West Virginia and you’ll end up on an isolated strip of road up in the Appalachian Mountains where folks claim the spirit of a lady in white has been hitchhiking with coal drivers for almost a century. The tale isn’t that much different than others seen in ghost stories all over the world, but here on 22 Mine Road, folks know exactly who the specter is– a woman named Mamie Thruman, who was murdered and left here in the mountains almost a century ago. Tragically, while a man was convicted of the crime, most believe her killer got away.  Sponsorship Acknowledgement: Head to and use code southerngothic50 to get 50% off. That’s code southerngothic50 at to get 50% off! Key Highlights The Life and Mysterious Death of Mamie Thurman: An introduction to Mamie, her life in Logan, and the unsolved aspects of her murder. The Trial and Its Aftermath: Examination of the sensational trial that captivated the nation and the figures involved. Legends and Sightings: Reports of paranormal activity and sightings of Mamie's spirit in Logan, contributing to the legend's longevity. Cultural Impact: How Mamie Thurman's story has influenced local folklore, literature, and ghost tours in Logan. Investigations and Theories: A look at modern investigations into her death and the various theories that have emerged over the years. Want to Listen to Southern Gothic Ad-Free? Patreon: Ad-Free Episodes, Premium Releases, Bonus Content & More  Southern Gothic Premium on Spotify Southern Gothic Premium on Apple Podcasts Into History: History Without Interruption Connect with Southern Gothic Media: Website: Merch Store: Pinterest: @SouthernGothicMedia Facebook: @SouthernGothicMedia Instagram: @SouthernGothicMedia X: @SoGoPodcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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