Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

Tom Ollerton

Shiny New Object' is a podcast about the future of marketing. Each episode is a conversation with an insightful and influential leader in the industry about the latest tech, trend or talking point to catch their eye. Host: Tom Ollerton, Founder of

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  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 150 / Rob Bullough / Electronic Arts / Director, Global Brand Marketing


    Rob Bullough's career can be considered a kilt or a patchwork of many different interests, each pursued brilliantly. From working at Tower Records to building websites, teaching himself even more programming as well as making music for video games and ultimately becoming a brand manager within EA, he's done it all. Rob's current role as Director of Global Brand Marketing covers upstream and downstream marketing work, from understanding what motivates players to choose EA games to getting developers excited about creating what audiences look for, and eventually building the communication around that. Rob's Shiny New Object is pressure - an abstract look at brand consistency without ever "dropping the ball." Listen to which brands do this well and other top marketing tips from Rob in our latest episode.
  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 149 / Sir Martin Sorrell / S4 Capital / Executive Chairman and Founder


    In his rich career, Sir Martin Sorrell has been at the helm of some leading advertising agencies, from being CFO at Saatchi's to CEO of WPP for 33 years. He founded S4 Capital 3 years ago to focus on what he calls the new growth area of marketing: the digital universe. Sir Martin's Shiny New Object is the two worlds of advertising, specifically the split between analog and digital. He finds that the difference isn't being made clear enough, with analog having very little or no growth whereas digital has huge growth potential. Listen to Sir Martin talk about the future of digital, how marketers should adapt their model, and his top tips for those just starting out in the industry today.
  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

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  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 148 / Kieran Foley / Danone / Head of Partnerships and Licensing


    Kieran Foley heads up the Partnerships and Licensing department at Danone, headquartered in New York and looking after all major programmes the company runs with NBC Universal, Disney, the NFL, but also charities and more. His career covers exciting sports sponsorship programmes as well as the creation of a cricket league called the CPL T20 which is now second in the world. Kieran's Shiny New Object is the growth potential of women's sport, which has shot up after the pandemic and reflects the change in attitudes and interests across both genders in society. Brands have a huge opportunity to be part of a relevant and exciting movement, with stronger touchpoints and interactivity with consumers. Listen to Kieran talk about cricket leagues, learning from local cultures and more in our latest podcast episode.
  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 147 / Joseph Harper / Kellogg Company / E-commerce Marketing Manager - Western Europe


    Having worked at Kellogg's for seven years, Joe Harper looks after the e-commerce function of the company across all of Europe. He previously held roles across social content creation and many more in sport betting, moving from sports to cereal and from digital to e-commerce. Joe's Shiny New Object may not be "shiny" or "new" to some but it's certainly relevant in his business space: user generated content (UGC). Joe believes that big companies still haven't unpacked the full potential of using UGC especially on social channels. The relatability of user content and its relevance for social media audiences helps it have a bigger impact than any glossy campaign created by a brand or their agency. Listen to Joe talk about harnessing the power of UGC, as well as his top marketing tips and advice for students, in this latest episode of the podcast.
  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 146 / Rory McEntee / Gymbox / Brand & Marketing Director


    In his agency and brand marketing roles, Rory McEntee has continuously built a career around challenger brands, disruptive and unique campaigns.  Now in charge of brand & marketing at Gymbox, Rory continues to put out daring and intriguing ads while searching for the next big thing in the future of marketing. His Shiny New Object is visual search, where users will be able to upload images to search for items to purchase online. Listen to Rory talk about his views on visual search, his favourite marketing books and his advice for making it in marketing, in our newest podcast episode.
  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 145 / Craig Fenton / Google UK & Ireland / Director, Strategy & Operations


    In his role as Director of Strategy & Operations at Google UK & Ireland, Craig Fenton designs and manages how the company operates in these two countries. But he also has a number of "side hustles" that include social purpose driven initiatives like a record company and a film production house that put forward talented individuals from less privileged backgrounds.  This work has taught him the importance of feeling what it's like to be a customer. Craig's Shiny New Object, however, is more abstract: quantum AI and how it can be used to crunch the data in marketing. Listen to Craig talk about using quantum physics principles in data analysis, the benefits for studying human behaviour, and his tips about mindfulness, in this new episode of the Shiny New Object podcast.
  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 144 / Sam Dolan / Aunt Bessie's / Head of Marketing


    The Head of Marketing at Aunt Bessie's, Sam Dolan has an illustrious career in the food industry, having worked with brands like Lurpak and Cravendale previously. Her Shiny New Object is direct mail and the way it can be used to target consumers and combine with other channels to create new and interesting campaigns with a different level of engagement.  Listen to Sam talk about her plans for using direct response advertising as well as her top marketing tips for new marketers, her best purchases for work, and her favourite books as well. 
  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 143 / Jerry Daykin / GSK / Senior Media Director


    Jerry Daykin is the Senior Media Director for EMEA and LatAm at GSK, where he looks after brands that help consumers live slightly better and healthier lives. After a roller coaster year during he COVID pandemic, Jerry has discovered more than ever the importance of staying active deliberately. One of his new behaviours is hopping on his Peloton bike every morning. His Shiny New Object is the 6 Ps of digital transformation, a new take on the 4 Ps of marketing looking at the importance of people and passion, measuring performance and running pilots. Listen to Jerry talk about all this and more on this latest Shiny New Object podcast episode.
  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 142 / David Byrne / Aviva / Brand Marketing Lead


    David Byrne is the Brand Marketing Lead at Aviva, where he is responsible for above the line campaigns. In his career, he's worked for the likes of Diageo, BT, the BBC, start-ups and his own photography studio. David's Shiny New Object is Non Fungible Tokens aka NFTs, for their ability to keep you learning and refreshing the brain, and thus marketers' way of thinking. We talk about favourite marketing books, dealing with overwhelm, and staying curious to keep progressing in this brand new episode.
  • Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast podcast

    Episode 141 / Paul Ward / Havas Studios / Global CEO


    Bringing together all Havas creative agencies under one umbrella, Paul Ward works to make great ideas happen creatively, efficiently and effectively.  His Shiny New Object is leveraging the village: identifying and using each individual's specific skills across all the various Havas brands, to get the best results for clients. In a data-driven world, he's investigating how this can apply to data experts specifically. Listen to Paul talk about his career mistakes, marketing advice, and the future of leveraging the village, in this latest episode. 

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