Seeking Balance: Neuroplasticity for Vertigo and Tinnitus podcast

Seeking Balance: Neuroplasticity for Vertigo and Tinnitus

Joey Remenyi, Seeking Balance International

I am Joey Remenyi, Founder and Director of Seeking Balance International, a world-leader in recovery of chronic vertigo, dizziness and tinnitus symptoms. I take the holistic approach to healing. In this podcast I discuss the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of neuroplasticity for healing. Join me as I discuss the amazing potential of our brain to facilitate healing. I talk with various experts about the challenges we face in recovery of persistent symptoms and the mechanisms behind our recovery. I take a special interest in recovery of vertigo and tinnitus, inner ear symptoms, that are traditionally difficult to treat or manage. I invite your to listen to the ROCK STEADY recovery stories of people who learn to use neuroplasticity to overcome their chronic symptoms.

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