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The Business: Conversations with Casting Executives

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Featuring Rob Decina (CBS), Marci Phillips (ABC), and Clint Anderson (FOX). Moderated by Lori Hammel, actor. The Business panels provide multiple viewpoints from directors, producers, writers, agents, managers, casting directors and industry experts on a wide range of topics. Through this program, actors receive first-hand tips and strategies from established creators, emerging voices and industry professionals who know how to navigate the often complex waters of the entertainment world. The views expressed in the presentation materials and films, and by the guests and moderators are solely those of the organization and/or individual providing them and do not reflect the opinions of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, its staff or Board of Directors. Watch Past Q&A's: Follow the SAG-AFTRA Foundation on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:` The SAG-AFTRA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, educational and state-of-the-art resources to SAG-AFTRA members. The Foundation believes that the contributions made to our culture by performing artists are not only valuable, but essential. The SAG-AFTRA Foundation relies entirely on donations to provide emergency assistance and free educational programs to SAG-AFTRA artists. This conversation is made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters. During the pandemic, the Foundation has given over $7 million in disaster relief to more than 7,500 performers. If you are a SAG-AFTRA artist and need help, please ask. And, if you can help, please give at: All donations are tax-deductible.

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