Rural Renewal Podcast by Fresh Expressions podcast

S2E1: Authenticity, Excellence, and Small, Rural Churches with Brandon O'Brien

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Should small, rural churches aim for excellence, authenticity, or both? Many well-known, usually large churches, are known to strive for "excellence" in their production of weekend worship. This can leave small churches, with fewer means, feeling like they have to keep up.

Brandon O'Brien offers an alternative for small churches to aim instead to represent themselves and their faith authentically. This episode is perfect for rural church leaders seeking to create meaningful worship gatherings within their means and manpower.

Brandon J. O'Brien is the senior director for content development and distribution at Redeemer City to City. He is the author or co-author of several books, including The Strategically Small Church and Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes. He lives with his wife and two kids in Chicago.

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