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Running is BS

Stewart Harding and Amy Genders

The podcast that loves to hate running. 🏃 = 💩

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  • Running is BS podcast

    #73 - Prostate Cancer is Bullshit with Tim Beynon


    Our guest Tim has written a book about his experience with prostate cancer, and we ask him weird questions that he didn't expect, but eventually find our way back to the subject at hand! Recording on the day of the London marathon inspires us to half-watch it on TV and potentially reconsider the virtual race, but still not actually make us want to to enter it. Stewart has done a stupid race and has a secret weapon up his sleeve, or in his shorts. Amy hurts and is seriously questioning her life decisions. There are dog interruptions, but not the ones we'd usually expect.
  • Running is BS podcast

    #72 - Toenails are Bullshit with Matt O‘Keefe


    We speak to the man who finished third in the infamous Dragon's Back Race about how annoyingly good at running he is. Amy literally can't stop entering races and Stewart just keeps writing stupid songs. Don't forget our live show on October 15th 2021 in Cardiff, and tickets are free so please book now!
  • Running is BS podcast

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  • Running is BS podcast

    #71 - Feet are Bullshit


    Amy did an ultra. Stewart did an ultra. We talk about those ultras. ALSO we announce our live show on October 15th 2021 in Cardiff, and tickets are free so please book now! Congratulations to Alan Burrell for being the worst looking listener who graces the cover photo for this episode.
  • Running is BS podcast

    #70 - Long Runs are Bullshit


    We did another long run together, so there's plenty of standard long run and training chat. Stu has an illness or an injury or both, and Amy uses the phrases "gym journey" with an entirely straight face. We also talk about periods again, Olympic marathon stuff and how to trick runners into being slow.  
  • Running is BS podcast

    #69 - Geese are Bullshit with Mark Atkinson


    We speak to the author of Run Like Duck and Ducking Long Way Mark Atkinson about ultras, ducks and just how easily led he is. Amy becomes a run leader and rescues a kitten, Stu did TWO races with extremely mixed results and we both fell over.
  • Running is BS podcast

    #68 - Harassing Runners is Bullshit feat. Kelly Roberts


    Our guest is founder of the Badass Lady Gang, coach, and self-styled President of the 'I hate running club' Kelly Roberts. Obviously we just bang on about it being too hot to run the same as everyone else in the UK who cannot handle anything over 20 degrees. We talk about socks in the washing machine, sheep (again), running up hills, half chests, performance soap, and some running COVID news.
  • Running is BS podcast

    #67 - Sheep are Bullshit feat. Mike Pini and Mike Jones


    Our guests this week are Mike and Mike who are here to tell us all about Fastest Known Times. There's an important, but tragic pigeon update and Amy may be the Bird Queen these days but sheep better not cross her! Stu has itchy legs and hopes races never return and we talk about accidental runs, running shoe hacks, and swimming.
  • Running is BS podcast

    #66 - FKTs are Bullshit


    'Friend of the birds' Amy and 'cheat stick running wanker' Stewart are literally two of the greatest runners in the world, it is official. We regale a legendary tale of running to a place we didn't really want to go to, and the ballache of getting home again. Basic adulting, insulting listeners, throwing a party for your shoes, making Amy feel ill, dodgy burritos, and Crocs.
  • Running is BS podcast

    #65 - Hot Weather is Bullshit


    Amy and Stewart have both been out on recces, which is a like a pre-brag to say "check out the run I'm going to do, it's so long it needs recce-ing first." We actually run together for most of a day to reach a statue we've no real interest in. Also discussed is wiping your nose really fast, how to kill a sheep, hit you with some hot ultra stats and wonder why anyone would buy Frankenstein shoes.
  • Running is BS podcast

    #64 - Clowns are Bullshit feat. Sanna Duthie


    We speak to Sanna Duthie about smashing the Pembrokeshire Coast Path record, sandwiches, dogs, and hallucinating. Stewart and Amy discuss periods interrupting training, coccyx pain, the wrong socks, and we play our first quiz: Bullshit or Bullshit? Which, of course, we immediately fuck up. Yes, it's another animal disrupted episode, but you should be used to that by now!

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