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David Bowie - Landscapers - The Long Christmas Dinner

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Alan Corr reviews David Bowie 5, Brilliant Adventure (1992 – 2001) a new boxset, Helen Meany reviews The Long Christmas Dinner at the Peacock, telling the story of 90 years & four generations in the Bayard family, Aoife Barry previews Landscapers which is inspired by real events.

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    Tradfest 2022


    Stephen Rea is at the centre of Saíocht, which combines poetry and music and features poets, Natalya O’Flaherty and Sasha Terfous. TradFest 2022 welcomes folk legend, Peggy Seeger who discusses her album, First Farewell. Brothers Steve and Joe Wall, of The Walls and The Stunning play their first restriction-free gig as part of Tradfest.
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    Sean & Dylan Penn - Doineann - The Gilded Age - Sara Freeman - Tides


    Flag Day is directed by Sean Penn, Sean & his daughter Dylan Penn star in the new film based on the real-life con man, Jon Vogel, Peter Coonan on the Irish language mystery, Doineann, Darryl Jones reviews The Gilded Age, Sara Freeman on her debut novel Tides.
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    Vertigo - Ozark - Albums reviews


    Haunted by Vertigo is a new book which explores the film and its legacy, one of the editors, Sidney Gottlieb spoke to Kay, Arlene Hunt reviews the final season of Ozark on Netflix, Louise Bruton & Pat Carty review new albums from Miles Kane to Silverbacks & Janis Ian.
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    Ciarán Hinds- film Reviews - Genocide


    Ciarán Hinds, star of the new film Belfast, Ruth Barton & Michael Pope bring us the latest films – Belfast, Nightmare Alley, Mass, Steven Benedict on how cinema has addressed the Holocaust.
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    Munich: the Edge of War - Thomas McCarthy - Fraggle Rock


    Richard Aldous casts his historian’s eye over Munich: The Edge of War, the film adaptation of Robert Harris’s 2017 novel Munich, Poetry, Memory and the Party, Journals: 1974 - 2014 is Thomas McCarthy's new book, Liam Geraghty on Fraggle Rocks reboot on Apple TV
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    The Winter Guest - André Leon Talley - John Reavey - Sam Keogh


    Author William Ryan on his new novel The Winter Guest, Wicklow artist Sam Keogh discusses his reconfigured show currently in Kerlin Gallery, Reavey Brothers tells the story of his young uncles who were victims of a horrendous sectarian murder in 1976 in Co Armagh.
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    Local Wonders - After Life review- Music for Galway


    Local Wonders is an anthology of poetry, edited by Pat Boran, more than 100 poets were charged with the task of taking inspiration from their locale, from the things that have seen them through the last couple of years, Chris Wasser reviews After Life, Music for Galway will present a weekend of music celebrating composer, Charles Villiers Stanford
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    Elvis Costello - Album reviews


    Elvis Costello discusses his new album The Boy Called If & his new podcast How to the Learn the Guitar & Y which is as much a philosophy of living as it is a guitar manual, Kate Brennan Harding & Brian Boyd review new albums from The Lumineers , FKA twigs, & Grace Cummings.
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    Film reviews: Memoria and Cow - Classics Now Festival - Ronnie Spector


    Film reviews: Memoria and Cow - Classics Now Festival - Ronnie Spector
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    Snowpoet - The Sopranos - Mick O'Dea


    Snowpoet are a London based musical collective led by Irish vocalist Lauren Kinsella & bassist, Chris Hyson, The Sopranos heralded a new era of television, Dr Clare Clark marks the anniversary, available on Sky, Mick O’Dea discusses Inside an exhibition of still life paintings & interiors from the studio at the Hillsboro Fine Art Gallery Dublin.

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