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Right from the Start: Raising Young Horses

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In this episode, I’ll talk about raising baby horses to be solid, reliable adults, discuss some do’s and don’ts, and the most common mistakes people make with young horses. I'll also go into what you should and should not do when it comes to training weanlings, foals and yearlings—and why. Finally, I'll share how you can create the ideal environment for young horses, and give them the enrichment they need to start life out on the right hoof.


Plus, in the What the Hay? Q&A segment at the end of the episode, I’ll answer questions straight from listeners about a reactive and temperamental horse, a horse that tries to jump out of the round pen when being worked, appropriate expectations when training an older horse, and how to prepare a horse to carry a parade flag.


To submit your question for "What the Hay? Q&A," email [email protected]


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