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Ride On Rewind! Training Setbacks: How to Deal & Move Forward

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I've been traveling non-stop, and I'm still on the road, which makes it hard to find time to record the podcast. So for this month, we’ve chosen an episode that we think will be really useful to you as you continue to work toward your goals⁠. We’ll be back next month with a brand new episode in the "Horse Goals or Bust" series!


This episode is about how to deal with training setbacks with your horse. We've all been there at one point or another when things don’t go according to plan. The horse that normally walks right into a trailer suddenly refuses to load. Or a frightening incident overwhelmed your normally unflappable horse, and broke down his confidence.


It’s unreasonable to think that in the long-term training of a horse (which takes place over years and decades) everything would always go perfectly. Neither human nor equine are robots, and stuff happens! In this episode, we'll focus on what to do after the setback, how to analyze the situation, dissect what went wrong, and be proactive in developing a plan to get your horse back on track.


Plus, we'll revisit some listener questions in my "What the Hay? Q&A" segment.

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