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Horse Goals or Bust Step 5: Dress for Success

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In this episode, I talk about the clothing and gear to choose to set yourself and your horse up for success—dressing for success, so to speak—no matter what your goals look like. I’ll talk about functional rider apparel, your horse’s attire and accessories and safety considerations. I'll also give you some tips to keep both you and your horse comfortable as you tackle the upcoming riding season.

Then in my "What the Hay? Q&A" segment, I’ll answer questions from listeners about ear plugs for horses, and a fearful mustang mare who has mastered the skill of rip and run.

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Resources from the Episode:

Loop Reins & Split Reins: https://shop.juliegoodnight.com/product-category/tack-room/bits-bridles-reins/reins

Ultrashield Fly Sprays: https://absorbine.com/collections/fly-control

Lead Line Leadership Video: https://shop.juliegoodnight.com/product-tag/lead-line-leadership

Rip & Run Podcast Episode: https://juliegoodnight.podbean.com/e/horses-that-rip-run


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