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Horse Goals or Bust Step 2: What’s Your Plan of Action?

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In this episode, we’re continuing with step #2 of my “Horse Goals or Bust!” series. Last month, we reflected on the past year⁠—what worked, what didn’t, what we wish we did more of, and less of—and we used those revelations to brainstorm new goals for this year. This time, let’s talk about finalizing those goals and how we make a plan to get you where you want to be with your horse, nine months from now! 


I'll share the stories of two longtime students of mine, who jumped onboard the HGOB train with me, and are kind enough to let me share their journey with you. Finally, I’ll share my own personal horsemanship goals for this year, and how I came to the decision to do something I swore I’d never do...


Plus, in What the Hay, Q&A, I’ll answer questions from listeners about a mule that bolted under some crazy circumstances, how to lead a Thoroughbred by some menacing neighbors safely, and when sharing grooming tools can get a bit... well, "hairy."


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