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Find the Holes: How to Evaluate A Horse’s Training

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If you are just getting to know a new horse, working with a horse with an unknown training history, going back to basics with a training project, or simply developing a new training plan—start with a thorough evaluation.   In this episode, I’ll talk about how to find the holes in a horse’s training, determine what problems need solving, what new skills must be taught, what experiences are needed, and how long it might take to achieve your training goals. I’ll share some of the actual evaluation tools I’ve developed for my online coaching program, that help me understand where the horse is currently in its training and where we need to go from here.   Plus, in the popular “What the Hay?” segment at the end of this show, I’ll answer questions from listeners about how to deal with a horse that paws, about a new horse gone rogue, and finally, about re-establishing leadership with a pushy horse.   Want your question answered in What the Hay? Email [email protected]   Show Notes & Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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