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Does Your Horse Need Professional Help? (Finding the Right Horse Trainer)

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In this episode, we'll talk about professional training for you and your horse. I’ll cover why you might need a trainer and how you should expect to benefit from it. Then, I’ll get deep into the weeds of how to find the right trainer for your horse, what type of trainer you should look for, how to know if you’ve found the right match, and how much in time and money this is going to cost you.


Finally, I’ll share some caveats about  horse training for so-called “problem” horses and how training might disguise a horse’s temperament.


Plus, in the “What the Hay, Q&A” segment at the end of this show, I’ll answer questions from listeners about a cold-backed horse that requires a long warm-up and also a horse that rushes into canter when cued to trot.


Want your question answered in What the Hay? Email [email protected]


Show Notes:

Resources mentioned in this episode to search for trainers in your area:

AQHA Professional Horseman’s Association: https://www.aqha.com/find-a-trainer1 Find Certified Horsemanship Association riding instructors at CHA.horse

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