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Inter-Album Interview: DJ Disk

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Perfect timing! As we are in the Brown and Rhino eras, turntable legend DJ Disk joins the pod to discuss his numerous guest appearances onstage and on record/video with Primus.

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    Power Mad


    We've arrived at the third of the Tom Morello Antipop Triumvirate, and Josh and Frankie find it to be the strongest of the three! We discuss our competing interpretations of the sample, the funky music, and the shrouded references within the lyrics. Drop into the seas of cheese and find out what makes Power Mad a sneaky good track in our [email protected] on Instagram and Twitter
  • Primus Tracks podcast

    Ballad of Bodacious


    Anthony Garcia joins Josh and Frankie to discuss the rural areas beyond the bay that give rise to tracks such as Bodacious, belying the standard view of "big city" California. Frankie tells the story behind the lyrics and we dig into those excellent Ler licks. @primustracks on IG and Twitter!
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  • Primus Tracks podcast

    Dirty Drowning Man


    That's more like it! We return to normalcy, as much as one can in the Antipop era anyway, with Dirty Drowning Man. Produced by Stewart Copeland, this track is a team effort that pays off. Dive in and backstroke right across these seas of cheese with Josh and Frankie!
  • Primus Tracks podcast

    Mama Didn't Raise No Fool


    The worst of times. Frankie and Josh agree that this is the worst of all Primus tracks, so why not keep it short and move on to the next one. This time, a guest turn on the record (Tom Morello) was a turn for the worse. But hey, this track sounds pretty bangin' at 1.5x!
  • Primus Tracks podcast

    Greet The Sacred Cow w/ Jonny G


    We complete the lespecial trifecta yet again as Jonny G drops by to discuss Greet The Sacred Cow. It all goes according to plan until we get to the sparse lyrics, and we take the podcast to distant lands. Jonny keeps us on an even musical keel and helps Josh understand just what Brain's doing in specific spots. So many little pleasures in this tune. Find lespecial @lespecialmusic and find us @primustracks
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    Eclectic Electric


    Josh and Frankie tackle Eclectic Electric, the mid-album proggy epic that has recently resurfaced in live performances. We spend an inordinate amount of time on the lyrics, as they are among the most personal of Les Claypool's career. What do they mean? Don't worry; we won't leave you out to sea.
  • Primus Tracks podcast

    The Antipop w/ Rory Dolan


    Rory Dolan of lespecial joins the podcast to discuss the title track to the Antipop record. Aside from the irony of their Antipop anthem being one of their most accessible tunes, we get into what makes this track tick, and it all starts with that impressive opening from Brain. Find Rory @rorydolandrums and @lespecialmusic on the socials. We're @primustracks - bring a friend!
  • Primus Tracks podcast

    Lacquer Head w/ Luke Bemand


    We are joined by a bass powerhouse in the form of lesepcial's Luke Bemand to discuss Lacquer Head, which has recently rejoined the live set list. More importantly, we ask the big question: Whither Fred Durst? He's credited as producer, so where's his influence? We get into the music, lyrics, and ask the all-important Antipop question: Is it Primus?Find Luke @lukebemandbass on Instagram Find us @primustracks on Instagram and Twitter!
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    A Tribute To Kings Tour Wrap


    Josh and Frankie pause their Sony Discman player that's spinning Antipop to discuss the finer points of the recently-wrapped Tribute To Kings tour, in which Primus played Rush's "A Farewell to Kings" in its entirety. Which Primus tracks got the most love? What was most surprising? What was the atmosphere of the shows? Chime in to the conversation @primustracks on Instagram and Twitter, and the Primus Tracks page on Facebook.
  • Primus Tracks podcast

    Natural Joe


    Two (legitimate) tracks into Antipop and we're still searching for a consensus Primus track; Natural Joe, producted by Matt Stone (that one!) checks more boxes than Electric Uncle Sam (including a wondrous excursion to Ler Land), but according to Frankie, it's not all there. We talk about why, and get into some 1990s talk for a record that, so far wallows, in the tropes of late 90's popular music.

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