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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/27/2022 - Pay That Mandi Her Money

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This is Part 2 of the show which aired on 11/26-11/27/22. Topic begins at (0:04:30) mark: Minnesota poker player "Mandi Minx" wins $241k jackpot on Ignition, gets account unfairly frozen for weeks with no answers, but Druff comes in to assist. Interview with Mandi.... (1:41:46): Joey Ingram and Norman Chad in ugly dispute, Joey threatened on his stream to punch Norman in the ribs.... (2:18:22): Sam Bankman-Fried sends out a bunch of controversial tweets.... (2:38:52): NBC News contacts UB cheating figures Russ Hamilton, Travis Makar, and Daniel Friedberg regarding Friedberg's FTX involvement.... (3:00:42): Former poker cheater Haseeb Qureshi did Effective Altruism speeches with SBF and Caroline Ellison.... (3:06:11): Alvea, where Cate Hall is COO, was somewhat backed by SBF, but they've scrubbed it from their website.... (3:14:39): SBF bought tiny Farmington Bank in Washington, in what has parallels to Full Tilt's SunFirst Bank in 2009-10.... (3:34:00): Genesis Global Capital and Gemini struggling after FTX debacle, both somewhat in danger.... (3:48:07): Tom Brady subject of criticism over 2021 FTX commercial.... (3:54:06): Mainstream media has been doing puff pieces on SBF and Caroline -- but why?.... (4:02:54): Liquidator of FTX says he has never seen such an absence of corporate controls in his entire career.... (4:07:28): Adele finally performs at Caesars Palace, after tons of controversy over previous failed residency.... (4:23:28): Hellmuth-promoted Bitcoin Latinum sued in California -- is Hellmuth himself next?

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