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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/19/2023 - New! Instant! No Delay!

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Topic begins at the (0:26:03) mark: Wrap up of the Jami Lafay Gofundme situation: Druff and Jami make a truce.... (0:51:46): Rory Young, inventor of the Odin poker training software, under fire for removing delay which was preventing it from being used as a cheating tool.... (1:54:31): Chat GPT attempts to give advice when to fold aces preflop in holdem.... (2:03:22): Controversial 2000s poker pro Shawn Sheikhan convicted of illegal marijuana sales operation, faces long prison sentence.... (2:24:14): Angry ACR player sends bomb, death threats to Chris Moneymaker and Phil Nagy.... (2:43:51): Robbi Jade Lew wins a GPI award for "Best Hand" -- does this make a mockery of the poker community?.... (3:03:03): Christopher Mitchell's third YouTube channel was terminated, leaving him with no YouTube channel.... (3:40:15): Prahlad Friedman battles with poker community on Twitter after he calls everyone racist cheaters.... (4:20:13): D Lucky update: He's now doing blackjack coaching, and he has shills "reviewing" him on YouTube.... (5:10:02): Nick Vertucci claims Live at the Bike was not renewed by the Bicycle Casino.... (5:30:05): Johan Guilbert tanks incessantly in hand, gets clock called on him three times.... (5:52:43): Las Vegas Review Journal publishes article explaining that blackjack has degraded to 6:5 in most places on the strip, then is pressured to kill it.... (6:03:05): New owners of Rio have raised $850m in capital for what is surely going to be a fail casino.... (6:20:05): Silicon Valley Bank is the biggest bank failure since 2008 -- is another collapse coming?.... (7:03:42): Lawsuit says Wynn blackjack dealer kept dealing hands after patron slumped onto table with a heart attack.... (7:14:22): Bally Sports is filing for bankruptcy -- what does this mean for sports and the casino industry?.... tradershky co-hosts at end.

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