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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/06/2023 - Dave Lerman's Final Act

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Topic begins at (0:22:05) mark: Dave Lerman, friend of Druff's and amusing character who appeared several times on PFA Radio, passed away at age 55.... (1:17:10): Call from Matt the Rat about various topics.... (1:33:51): Jerermy Ausmus lost heads up to Jared Strauss in October $7777 WSOP online event, and now says that he found out WSOP banned Strauss right after.... (2:31:09): Daniel Negreanu posts overall tournament results for past 10 years, gets into bizarre battle with unhinged Jordan Cristos.... (3:08:57): BetMGM / GlobalPay bank theft update: San Diego based crime ring was behind the scheme.... (3:16:12): David Copperfield's show in Vegas is said to be one of the worst -- but how has this happened?.... (3:38:38): Vanessa Alvarez, aka "Mamacita", accused of scamming 2+2 member out of $17k.... (4:02:23): Jami Lafay calls out smelly poker player, Twitter says she's mean.... (4:25:18): Psycho stabs four people at Washington poker room, in apparent unprovoked attack.... (4:40:18): Former site of Steven Paddock shooting tragedy will likely become an Indian casino.... (4:47:00): FTX update -- Caroline Ellison's testimony released, SBF is still tweeting.... (5:05:55): Daniel Friedberg has been cooperating with the feds since mid-November regarding the FTX matter.... (5:20:03): How much should you worry about new dominant COVID variant XBB 1.5?

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