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Podcast Minute Talk Show

Aiden Wall, Sean Kane

Aiden, Sean, and Tyler, hosts of the web series "1 Minute Talk Show" were able to do the impossible: create a hit talk show in under a minute. Now, they want to push boundaries even further: create a hit talk show that is a PODCAST. Join them as they discuss their daily lives as talk show hosts, and interview eccentric-screwball characters that most talk shows are too afraid to have on.

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  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #54: Tyler's Terrific Tale


    Hello viewers! Come one, come all, to the delightful show we've carefully prepared for you! In this episode, the boys are back at it again and can't quite seem what to make this episode be about! Thankfully, direction is achieved as Tyler tells one of his most riveting true tales from the deep recesses of his vacant mind. This time I'm certain you'll enjoy the episode! You'd better.
  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #53: Sickness, Sweets, and Stories!


    Hello all who dare listen! What can we say, this truly is another podcast for the books. Aiden is missing, so those scamps, Tyler and Sean, take on the daunting task of running the show! The two talk about Sean's new ailment (it's NOT a rash), their favorite All Hallows Eve treats, and share a story or two to pass the time. You'll love this one, I guarantee it! I would offer my email for complaints should you not enjoy this auditory experience, but you and I both know I will not answer.
  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

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  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #52: Smack a Teacher Challenge Is HOT RN


    Hey all! Another great addition to the never ending cycle of PMTS. WE will never STOP MAKING THESE. Today we're talking about a new Tik Tok trend that's sweeping the nation: Smack a Teacher Challenge. We also talk about dinosaurs. Which is more interesting? You decide! Vote for either sexual assault or dinosaurs. That's a tough choice!
  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #51: Aiden and Nick Cage Got in a Bit of a Fight


    Hear ye, hear ye! This episode doesn't feature everyone's favorite little misfit Tyler. If that's a deal breaker for you then just leave right now! Sean and Aiden carry things this week talking about all things... uh... um... I don't really remember. But, I'm sure this was a good episode!
  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #50: Should We Raise Children In This New Frontier?


    This week we have on a special guest for our 50th episode! Our editor Zach! We also answer questions from Subtext! Enjoy
  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #49: Beaning: The Ultimate Prank


    Aiden is back! But, Sean recorded his audio this week on a toaster! We talk all things bean and beaning related activities. What exactly is beaning..? Well, you dummy, listen to find out!
  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #48: I'd Go Back in Time and Tell Myself It'll Be Okay


    Due to the will of God, Aiden is not featured in another consecutive episode of PMTS! Sean and Tyler talk all things videogames from their first game to possibly their last?! We also talk about time travel and time manipulation powers! What would I do with the power to stop time? The answer might surprise you... Find out in this new action packed episode of Podcast Minute Talk Show the Movie: 2!
  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #47: Tyler and Sean Bro Down


    AIDEN IS GONE! Not forever... but for this episode at least. Tyler and Sean are left to fend for themselves! This week we remember fun stories from high school. And we talk about our favorite anime/manga One Piece! Pardon our dust, next week we'll get back to our regularly scheduled Podcast Minute Talk Show shenanigans!
  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #46: Pilk, Cilk, and Other Forms of Milk


    What is there to say that the title doesn't?? This episode we delve into pure/wicked alchemy the likes of which have never been discussed on a podcast EVER. Believe it or not, this week's theme is actually laundry, per the request of Aiden. So please, grab a seat, this ride will definitely be one for the history books!
  • Podcast Minute Talk Show podcast

    #45: The Rick and Morty Musical Special 2


    What good hosts of the only podcast in the world would we be if we spoiled anything about this special episode?! It's all in the title!

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