Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

Plant-Powered People Podcast

Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn

Life is always easier and more exciting when you have friends to share in your journey, and the path to plant-based living is no exception! On the Plant-Powered People Podcast, you’ll hear from folks who’ve embraced plant-based living while they share their experiences overcoming obstacles in the most graceful (and sometimes not-so-graceful) ways. Join hosts Michelle Cehn (founder of World of Vegan) and Toni Okamoto (founder of Plant Based on a Budget) every other week as they tackle challenges like being the only vegan in the family, what it’s like to be plant-based while working at a non-veg restaurant job, and more!

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  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    You Can Always Come Back


    Have you slipped up, struggled to stay consistent, or just abandoned being vegan completely? This episode will be a great dose of inspiration and reminder that you can always come back! We welcome back Crystal Young, the "Weekday Vegan" from Season 1, who since abandoned vegan eating entirely before stepping back into it fully and even identifying as vegan!
  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    Season 4 is Here...Welcome Back!


    Join us as we step back into season 4 of The Plant-Powered People Podcast! Michelle and Toni will be discussing what's been going on over the summer, plans for Halloween, gardening updates, and more!
  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

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  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    Ep. 46 - Answering Your Plant-Based Questions


    We answer all your vegan questions! We usually spend an entire episode discussing a common plant-based struggle, but in this episode, we decided to make it a one-stop-shop for the answers to all your vegan questions.
  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    Ep. 45 - Intro to Gardening


    Gardening is a great way to save money on food and practice a sustainable lifestyle. In today’s podcast, our friend Farmer Nick shares his knowledge on topics such as the best soils to use, composting, vertical gardening, and his top hacks on how to plant the most fruitful garden!
  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    Ep. 44 - Why We're No Longer Vegetarian...


    This episode is all about plant-based milk. We discuss the problem with dairy milk and why we choose vegan, how to transition to healthier, kinder, and more sustainable plant-based milks, how to make your own milk, and our favorite options out there today.
  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    Ep. 43 - Adoption—Is It A Good Choice for You?


    Have you ever considered adoption? Michelle was adopted as a baby and this topic is near and dear to her heart. In this episode we bring on Marji Beach who adopted her daughter through the state foster-to-adopt system. Learn about the many wonderful reasons to choose adoption, the benefits of going with a public adoption through Child Protective Services instead of a private adoption agency, and see if this may be the route for you.
  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    Ep. 42 - All About Vegan Cheese


    "But I could never give up cheese!" We hear this all the time, and if feel that way (or know someone who does), this episode is for you. We talk about why people are so attached to dairy-based cheese, how to break the habit, and we share our favorite plant-based cheeses available today.
  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    Ep. 41 - What It's Like to Hit Rock Bottom & Rebuild With A Foundation Of Compassion With Vegan Athlete Dom Thompson


    Our guest Dom Thompson is a vegan athlete, wellness warrior, speaker, entrepreneur, medical field professional, dog-daddy, and so much more. In this episode we dive deep into his story of hitting rock bottom—going from dealing drugs on the streets of Chicago and landing in prison, to kneeling on the floor of his cell and choosing to do no harm, become vegetarian (and ultimately vegan), and change his life.
  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    Ep. 40 - Debunking Health Myths


    Plant-based doctor Matt Nagra joins us to discuss popular health trends (like the keto diet, paleo diet, low-carb eating, collagen supplements, and more). He also dispels common myths about health and nutrition and provides his tips for eating healthfully and preventing disease.
  • Plant-Powered People Podcast podcast

    Ep. 39 - 80-Year-Old Goes Vegan


    What happens when an 80-year-old goes vegan? Today's guest shares his journey from big time meat eater to herbivore, how he has lost over 25 pounds in a couple of months, and how his body feels better overall after embracing on a plant-based diet.

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