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Interviews with real people and real couples to delve deeper into the dynamics of personality types and love. Brought to you by the two sisters who founded So Syncd, the first dating app and website based on personality types.

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    S2E10: The So Syncd Perfect Pair: ENFP & INTJ Compatibility


    Sangheeta (ENFP) and Rishabh (INTJ) met on So Syncd, our personality type dating app, in June last year and they are a perfect personality match. They weren’t able to meet up for a few months due to COVID but they were eventually able to meet in November and their first date was seven hours long. In this episode, they talk about the challenges presented by COVID, the way they balance each other out and Sangheeta not finishing a personality test for two years because she kept getting distracted. Music:
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    S2E9: The Layover Love Story: ENTJ & INFJ Compatibility


    Jane (ENTJ) and Henrik (INFJ) met on a dating app when Jane was stopping off in Hong Kong. It was clear that it was right from the very beginning and they got engaged three weeks after their first date. In this episode they talk about jumping into the deep topics straight away, their mutual love of planning and their ‘relationship audits’.Music:
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  • Personality Love Lab podcast

    S2E8: Love at First Swipe: ENFJ & ENFP Compatibility


    Nat (ENFJ) and Ellis (ENFP) met on a dating app. After some terrible dates with men, Nat decided to change her dating app preferences to women and Ellis popped up. Nat was attracted to the way that Ellis could use fractions and Ellis liked that Nat had ‘one eighth Jamaican’ on her profile, so it was a match made in heaven, despite Nat turning up an hour late for their first date. In this episode, they talk about dating while Nat was still living with her previous partner, their wedding in the middle of Covid and Nat’s daily business ideas.Music:
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    S2E7: Psychology Romance: ENTJ & INFJ Compatibility


    Tanmay (ENTJ) and Mugdha (INFJ) met when they were doing a Masters in Psychology. They first became friends and it slowly turned into something more. Mudgha knew Tanmay was special when he saved his last French fry for her. In this episode, they talk about the importance of communication, what they find attractive about each other, and whether wristwatches really serve a purpose in this day and age.Music:
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    S2E6: Intellectual Attraction: ENTJ & ENTP Compatibility


    Nate (ENTJ) and Cally (ENTP) met at university 14 years ago. After some classroom banter, they starter chatting in the hallway, which led to an intellectually stimulating three-hour conversation. In this episode, they talk about how humor and intelligence are the keys to attraction, the stereotypes surrounding NT personality types and how Nate came across as a completely different personality type when they first met. Music:
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    S2E5: The Adventurous Introverts: ISFJ & ISFJ Compatibility


    Fiona (ISFJ) and Mark (ISFJ) met on a dating app and their first date was a little awkward but they both knew they wanted to see each other again. In this episode, they talk about they approach things in a similar way, how they deal with conflict and Mark’s sexy job.Music:
  • Personality Love Lab podcast

    S2E4: Instant Chemistry: ENFJ & INFP Compatibility


    Josh (INFP) went for an interview at the chemistry company where Ella (ENFJ) worked. Much to Josh’s surprise, Ella immediately invited him for fajitas but he had to drive back to another city. Josh ended up getting the job offer and they started working together. After friend-zoning each other, Ella left to travel the world for six months until romance was sparked by Josh spontaneously flying to see her in Australia. Eight years later, they are (just) married. In this episode, they talk about the way they handle Josh’s need for alone time, their strong moral compasses and their love for coca butter.Music:
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    S2E3: A Twist of Fate: ESFJ & ISFJ Compatibility


    This week we explore ISFJ and ESFJ compatibility with Eliana and Jon from New York. Eliana (ESFJ) and Jon (ISFJ) first met back in 2014 at a party. Jon was captivated but Eliana had a boyfriend at the time. They both continued to live their lives, and Jon would think about Eliana from time-to-time, until one day, over a year later after Eliana had broken up with her boyfriend, they reconnected on a dating app. Sparks flew and they are now married with a baby.  Eliana is a millennial success coach. You can find more information about her through the links below:Website: Music:
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    S2E2: Double Trouble: ENTP & ENTP Compatibility


    Anna (ENTP) and Ethan (ENTP), who are based in Nebraska, first met when they were studying theater at college and have been together for two years. They were instantly on the same wavelength and shared a number of interests. In this episode, they talk about their introverted tendencies despite being extroverts, how they often think exactly the same thing and Ethan’s sneaky way of asking Anna out on a date.Music:
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    S2E1: The So Syncd Special: ISTP & ESFJ Compatibility


    Lou (ESFJ) and Charles (ISTP), who are based in London, first met when they started working together six years ago. On top of that, they were studying for the same Masters. This came with its difficulties and, after breaking up for a short period, they got back together and are stronger than ever. In this episode, they talk about being best friends before dating, the challenges of an office romance and their daily dinner debate.Music:

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