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Kat Caldwell

Let's amp up our writing! On the Pencils&Lipstick podcast Kat talks to authors, editors and other professionals in the writing and publishing field to learn more about the craft of writing. If you're a writer or just love listening to author interviews about writing, Pencils&Lipstick is about to be your newest favorite podcast.

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    Writer by Choice


    Britt Malka got her start in writing when she realized time wasn't going to appear, she had to make the time for it. Taking Fridays for her writing days, Britt eventually published a short story, but then found herself needing more help to write a novel.  After learning about writing and what it takes to be an author, Britt decided to make courses for writers so that they wouldn't have to go through what she went through. On her site you can find SEVERAL courses to help you improve your writing and finish your novel. She even has an ebook to help your write newsletters!    Follow my journey to Mount Everest on Instagram. Support the Pencils&Lipstick podcast on Patreon.  Want to write more? Want to finish your book in 2022? Join us at the Creative Writing Community!
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    Three Story Method


    J. Thorn is a Top 100 Most Popular Author in Horror (which I make him define) as well as an Sci-fi, action and Adventure AND fantasy writer. Who said you can't write in several genres? Today I have him on the show to talk about the book he wrote with Zach Bohannon, Three Story Method: Foundations of Fiction. I really loved this book as I look further into storytelling and the craft of writing. It's simple to read, but also chock full of information. No matter how many years you've been writing it's always good to review what makes a story work and what makes a story TIMELESS.  Find J. Thorn at Find Three Story Method here. Pre-order Coffee Stains  on Amazon, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.
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    Skills of Female Empowerment


    Alicia McCalla is an author of strong Black women heroines who aren't afraid to fight back. Alicia doesn't back down from edgy or controversial stories, but instead steps right into the fray. She gives her female protagonist difficult choices which can lead to death, but most certainly will lead to transformation. She's also a merchandiser, learning to use her characters to draw in fans of her stories with clothing, totes, cups. I personally love that she listened to other creative entrepreneurs and incorporating their wisdom into her small business. There's no reason indie authors can't create their own merchandising line just like Disney, Marvel, DC Comics and others.  Find out more about Alicia on her website. Her books here. Support the Pencils&Lipstick show on patreon here. Your support helps pay for the time and effort that goes into creating this podcast.  
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    Soulla Writes with Soul


    Soulla is a British writer of Cypriot descent who stumbled on creative writing during a shift in her life six years ago. Though writing had always been part of her work as a teacher and educator, the creative writing opened a new door to a brand new career. Once she decided to quit her day job and become a full-time author, she published three novels, a short story collection and a book of poetry. She is now working on her fourth book. Soulla also offers individualized author support and writing help. You can find out more about Soulla here. Be sure to follow her on Instagram!  If you want get serious about your writing in a community of supportive writers, check out the Creative Writing Community!
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    The Spartan Writer


    Ross McMeekin is the author of The Hummingbirds: A Novel and several short stories. He has been published in places like Virginia Quarterly Review, Tin House's Open Bar, Redivider, and Maudlin House. He edits the literary journal Spartan. It was fascinating to hear about Ross writing journey. It certainly started out differently than many other writers, but it appears he has more than caught up! Hearing him is a good reminder to keep writing those short stories! Go to his website to find a list of his published short stories that you can read. You can find Ross and more information about him on his website If you want get serious about your writing in a community of supportive writers, check out the Creative Writing Community!
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    A Moment While I Read to You


    Using a dead girl's name and secretly dating a professor are just some of the things Ana Lopez is willing to do to graduate college and build some sort of future for herself. You name it, she'll do it, if it gets her closer to a better life and helps her escape her violent past. But Ana doesn't realise that as she tries to outrun her past, she's leaving her family behind and her identity behind. Running into Marlon, a friend from high school, was not in Ana's plans at all. Tall, dark and handsome, he had been her crush in high school, though nothing ever came of it. Although knowing him from high school poses a risk to exposing her new identity, Ana can't seem to help herself. And the more she's around him, the more Ana realizes a flaw in her carefully laid plans: that she just might want more than a simple degree and a life of dull comfort with a man she doesn't love. The problem is, she isn't quite sure how to handle breaking up with an increasingly possessive Daniel, her professor. Little does Ana know that everything she's worked for the past few years, everything she's convinced she deserves, is about to come crashing down as the professor's jealous wife comes back, a family crisis rears up and Ana loses someone she dearly loves. You can pre-order Coffee Stains on Amazon here. On Kobo here. On Barnes and Noble here.  Want to get writing your book? Need motivation to write? Join us at the Creative Writing Community! We sprint three times a week, get together to help each other out, listen to experts 1-2 times a month and more!
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    The Writer's Life


    Five Days of Writing Sprints  Paulette's book, Welcome to the Writer's Life, was published in 2018 by Sasquatch Books, part of the Penguin Random House publishing family, she blogs about a writer’s craft, business, personal finance, and joy at Paulette is also the co-founder of A Very Important Meeting, an online meditation and freewriting community.   Interested in the Creative Writing Community? We sprint together, idea brainstorm together, learn from experts together and more! Check it out here.
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    It All Comes Back to Story with Karen Anderson


    Decades in the writing and publishing industry makes Karen an expert on so many things. And amazingly enough, she says everything comes back down to story. Karen ghost writes stories, coaches authors to get their story written and works at the hybrid publisher James Morgan, so basically her life is all about helping stories get out into the world! Karen loves using Scrivener for writing and organizing books and highly recommends it. She talks quite a bit about it in the podcast. Here's the link for the software: This is the link to the quick videos.  Jeff Elkins is the next masterclass in the Creative Writing Community! In October BookBrush is coming in! Want to join us? We have writing sprints, brainstorming sessions, masterclasses and more! Find the tiers here.
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    Two Ways to Sprint


    To sign up for the Five Days of Writing Sprints go here. Sprinting when you are set up with a project, such as a novel or short story, is a great way to concentrate. Sprinting with other people might seem like a strange idea at first, but don't knock it until you try it! Head on over to my instagram to DM me and I'll send you an invitation to join us for a sprint. Or if you're ready to join the Creative Writing Community here. To find A New Way to Journal or Push a Pencils, check out my shop.  Sign up for my writing newsletter to get tips, trick and encouragement on your writing!
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    There's Always Room to Learn


    A few things I've learned this summer as I waited for the feedback to come in on my third novel, Coffee Stains, and subsequently what I learned once I got the feedback in my inbox. Sometimes things don't work out how you want them to! I keep getting older every year, and yet every year I can pinpoint specific things I've learned regarding the craft of writing. Does it ever end? I'm not sure about that. Probably due to me specifically NOT learning during my third decade due to an enlarged EGO.   Jeff Elkins is the next masterclass in the Creative Writing Community! In October BookBrush is coming in! Want to join us? We have writing sprints, brainstorming sessions, masterclasses and more! Find the tiers here.

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