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Genevieve Ko: Succeeding in the World of Food Journalism

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Genevieve Ko is a deputy editor and columnist of New York Times Cooking and the Food section, for which she also writes articles and develops recipes. She came to The Times from The Los Angeles Times, where she was cooking editor. She is the author of Better Baking (HMH, 2016) and has contributed to more than 20 cookbooks, as well as other food publications. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, she now lives in New York City and cooks dishes from everywhere. Check out Genevieve’s recipes for Thanksgiving pies here:

In this episode we discuss:

  • What initially piqued Genevieve’s interest in food and cooking
  • How she got a foothold in the world of food writing and recipe development
  • The process of collaborating with high-profile chefs on cookbooks
  • Writing her own book, Better Baking
  • How the food media landscape has changed over the past 10 years
  • Some of Genevieve’s favorite dessert recipes on NY Times Cooking
  • Genevieve’s advice for budding food writers and editors
  • And much more!

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