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Clinically DEAD: Profound Journey in HEAVEN. Meets Guides Near-Death Experience (NDE) | Karen Thomas

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WATCH This Episode: She was clinically dead. Karen Thomas had a verified NDE, Near Death Experience while undergoing spinal surgery. Her near-death experience occurred during this surgery when the surgeon lacerated a major artery and she bled out on the operating room table. She experienced beings of light who communicated with her telepathically. She had a choice whether to return or not and she was shown how her future would unfold if she returned. ..................................... Subscribe to Passion Harvest: Your off to FRANCE! Register your interest for our 2024 Retreat. Support 🫶 P.S - If Passion Harvest enriches your life in any way, please consider supporting it with a donation it remains free and alive thanks to patronage. Connect YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Spotify: TikTok: #NDE #NearDeathExperience #SpiritGuide

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