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    The Future of Space Operations


    OTH recently held a panel with two Air Force Space Officers; Maj Mathew “Broker” Beck, also a Space Weapons Officer, and Maj Adam “Howler” Howland. Maj Paige Young, an Air Force Intelligence officer guided the panel discussion. The panel discussed a variety of topics to include their thoughts on the future role of the Department of Defense in the space domain, the debate on a need for a separate US Space Force, space as a warfighting domain and how conflict or brinkmanship could unfold in a future space domain. The panel also touched on US considerations in light of China’s rapid investment in the space domain culminating in their recent landing on the far side of the moon. Links to the referenced documents can be found here: https://www.csis.org/analysis/space-threat-assessment-2019 https://swfound.org/counterspace/
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    Multi-Domain Leadership - Interview with Col Doug DeMaio


    OTH recently had the opportunity to interview Col Doug DeMaio, Vice Commander of the Curtis E. Lemay Center for Doctrine Development. Col DeMaio discussed a variety of topics to include the origins of the Air Force of Multi-Domain Command Control (MDC2) initiative and current efforts to integrate MDC2 in the joint community. We also discussed the 2018 "Doolittle" Wargame which was organized to address MDC2 in a future contested conflict. Lastly, we discussed the 130 Career Field who will serve as MDC2 specialists within the Air Force. Col DeMaio explained what the CSAF expectations for these Airmen will be and how this expertise will translate in the joint community.
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  • Over the Horizon podcast

    Interview with Gen David Petraeus


    Welcome to OTH's next podcast! In this podcast the OTH team was honored to interview General (retired) David Petraeus. Matt Lyles and Steven Bressett discussed a variety of topics with Gen Petraeus to include; operations in a degraded communication environment, the use of technology in decision making, and counter insurgency operations. We also had the opportunity to discuss implications of the recent US negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan. We welcome your thoughts or feedback on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). https://othjournal.com/
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    OTH South America Podcast


    Welcome to OTH’s seventh Podcast! In this podcast we had a discussion with officers from Brazil and Colombia to discuss future national security threats concerning their countries. Our conversation covered South American contributions during World War II, emerging national security concerns such as Violent Extremist Organizations, and approaches to growing Russian influence across the continent. Participants: Michael Scott (Moderator) German Almonacid (Colombia) Leandro Laudelino (Brazil)
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    The Laird-Packard Way: Unpacking Defense Acquisition Policy Podcast


    Brian Fredrickson sits down with OTH to discuss how lessons learned from the study of David Packard, Deputy Secretary of Defense from 1969 to 1971, may significantly influence present day acquisition policy and help to shape acquisition reform for the 21st century. Brian Fredrickson, author of the research study, The Laird-Packard Way: Unpacking Defense Acquisition Policy. Brian takes an in depth look into David Packard’s legacy as the Deputy Secretary of Defense in the late 60s and early 70s and uncovers valuable lessons learned that may be applied to much needed defense acquisition reform today. Our conversation starts with how David Packard has influenced defense acquisitions and the implications for applying key principles from decades past to current and on-going acquisition reform. Brian breaks down some of his most significant findings to include how Packard’s love for gardening influenced his success in the acquisition arena.
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    Europe PODCAST


    Europe PODCAST by Over the Horizon
  • Over the Horizon podcast

    OTH Russia Roundtable


    Welcome to OTH’s seventh podcast! In this episode we’re joined by OTH Senior Editor Mary Frishman and Air University faculty members for a roundtable discussion on issues surrounding Russia. The AU faculty members, all previous USAF Officers with education and research background in Russian International Studies, share their perspectives on the current security concerns regarding Russia and the influence Russia has on the current and future world order.
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    OTH Podcast 6 - Future African Security


    Welcome to OTH’s sixth podcast! In this episode we’re joined by Jahara Matisek, OTH Contributing Editor and Northwestern University PhD Candidate, for a conversation on the future of African security. As a particular highlight, military officers from Burkina Faso and Botswana share their perspectives on where African security is currently and where it’s headed. We cover domestic security, resource scarcity, regional and continental cooperation, and the influence of pan-Africanism.
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    Designing Future Security: An International Roundtable on the Military Design Movement


    Welcome to OTH’s fifth podcast! For this episode we return to the subject of one of our first and most read articles: The Military Design Movement. As the author, Ben Zweibelson, notes at the outset, portions of the international military community have begun to turn toward a multi-disciplinary approach to planning and decision making that breaks from traditional and largely mechanistic methodologies of the Industrial Era. Ideas like complexity theory, alternative managerial theory (change management), instructional design, and post-modern philosophy blend to form a new context for the 21st century military practitioner. Ben is back with us for this podcast and has connected an incredible group of scholars and practitioners of design from Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Australia, and India. We discuss how each nation and individual came to design, what challenges we face, and what distinguishes each approach. While talking through the unique elements of each effort, we also come across our commonalities in context, struggles, and outlook. What follows is an incredibly rich conversation on the way we need to evolve our thinking to address the complexity and uncertainty of the future security environment.
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    Exploring Cognitive Warfare


    Exploring Cognitive Warfare by Over the Horizon

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