Oldex podcast


RJ Bayley

Audio adaptations from older, out of print codexes and other Warhammer 40,000 rulebooks by me, RJ Bayley. For lovers of oldhammer, middlehammer, Warhammer 40,00 lore and Warhammer lore in general. You can talk to me about 40K and which old 40K fiction I should turn my attention to next at https://twitter.com/RJBayley. Got an old rulebook you want to send me for me to adapt into audio? Get me on Twitter, above, or at [email protected]. Many thanks to Graham McNeill for his help with identifying which authors go with which codex stories. Graham McNeill on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrahamMcNeill Graham McNeill's website: https://graham-mcneill.com/ If you've enjoyed any of these audio stories, please leave a review on iTunes and subscribe so you know when the next one is out. Oldex, is entirely unofficial and uncommercial, from out of print publications, is a derivative work with all copyrights owned by Games Workshop, covered by their fair use policy, and is a celebration of the hobby and the fiction I grew up with.

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