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Episode 31: My Divorce Led Me to Look For My Biological Father

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“Opposites attract, but they don't last.”

I’m always inspired by the wonderful guests I get to have on The Divorce Doctor. The wisdom my guests are able to share, what they gained through their divorce, is truly inspiring. You never know where an experience like divorce can take you. My recent guest, Regina DeMeo, is certainly an example of that.

Regina has been helping families in the DC area with family law issues for over 20 years. Since 2007, she has also practiced mediation and collaborative divorce. For two years, she hosted a TV show to help families tackle major issues. In 2012, she became a legal commentator for Sirius XM and in 2013 she appeared on Good Morning America. The past 10 years, she has been a frequent guest lecturer at law schools, and in 2019 was an adjunct professor at the GW University Family Law Clinic. She's been featured in The Washington Post, as well as Bethesda Magazine. She's frequently quoted in the media as an expert in family law, who candidly shares her own experience going through the divorce process and the challenges of being a single mom.

On this episode of The Divorce Doctor, Regina and I discuss how her divorce led her to finding her biological father. Her story is certainly inspiring and unique.


Learn more about Regina by visiting her website at 


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    Episode 40: What Will People Think?


    Did your husband leave you? Whether you had a feeling something was decaying in your marriage, or you were blindsided, the feelings in the aftermath are the same. It’s easy to feel like you don’t know where to go or what to do. That is exactly how this week’s guest felt when her husband left her. Julie Starr, author of Your Husband Left, Now What? is an award winning social issues advocate for human rights and environmental protection. Julie has long been a dreamer and a doer. Trained first as a professional dance therapist (a 4 year degree from York University in Toronto), Julie moved into life coaching, founding Possibility Life Coaching for Women.  Today, Julie works intimately with individuals and groups of women who have experienced a husband leaving and are eager to move through the grief to live their better life. Julie's been there, done that!  Right now Julie is generously offering a free 30 min clarity call for anyone who wants to consider where they are, where they want to go, and what’s getting in the way.    Learn more by visiting her website at 
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    Episode 39: Divorce in the Bible Belt


    Divorce is painful and our upbringing can play a huge role in how our family and friends choose to respond to our pain. This week’s podcast guest, Karen Chellew, shares her story of navigating divorce in a religious setting, and how she worked through her questions on her own and with her kids. The feelings we face during a divorce are complicated and it’s easy to let guilt and shame convince us that we don’t deserve what’s ours in the negotiation process. People rarely talk about all the overwhelming legalities and financial decisions that need to be made in a divorce. What you want more than anything is a trusted guide who has your back and who understands what it’s like to walk in your shoes.  Karen is a true gift to anyone going through this process. She is the Co-Founder of My Divorce Solution, a team that includes a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) who can develop your financial portrait, the quintessential financial document any couple needs to make clear financial decisions for their future. As a Legal Liaison, Karen helps support your legal team and facilitates connections with critical resources. With her team’s combined professional and personal experience, they are uniquely qualified to assist clients through the divorce process.   Learn more about Karen Chellew by visiting her website at  and following her on social media: Instagram - @mydivorcesolution Twitter - @mydivorcesolution Facebook Group - We Chat Divorce Financially Speaking -  Be sure to join her for the 2021 Mrs. to Me Summit held October 22, 2021 – October 24 at Hilton Head Island, SC. For more information visit 
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    This week on The Divorce Doctor Podcast, I interviewed Michele Traina. After marrying the person from her first long-term relationship, Michele knew it wasn’t going to last. As a performer, she felt more of a rush during her on-stage appearances rather than on her wedding day. Michele shares how her attraction to a coworker pushed her to look inward and discover what she wanted from intimate relationships. From that point, Michele knew divorce was the best course of action. Her fearlessness brought her to a life of creative fulfillment and peace with her ex.   Learn more about Natasha by visiting her website at  
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    This week on The Divorce Doctor Podcast, I sat down with Natasha C. Dewhirst. After surviving a traumatic childhood, Natasha lived with PTSD and after repeating relationship patterns during her marriage she developed Chronic Fatigue and needed a wheelchair.  During the interview, Natasha shares her journey on how she divorced her husband, healed herself from Chronic Fatigue and is now on a mission to support women who live in a constant state of survival and burnout due to faulty childhood beliefs and dysfunctional relationships.   Learn more about Natasha by visiting her website at    Did you resonate with Natasha’s story? Take her quiz to see if you’re close to burning out. 
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    Episode 36: Healing From Religious and Non-Custodial Parent Shame


    On this week’s episode of the Divorce Doctor Podcast, I spoke with Tiffany Harnsongkram. She helps divorcees find the courage to survive and thrive through divorce without guilt and shame. Tiffany is the founder of From Divorce to Destiny, which is a conscious divorce platform where she offers coaching and education.  In this interview, Tiffany reveals the transformation she had to make when she was only granted 30% custody of her daughters. Tiffany discovered the flaws in the legal system and how she could be the best mother when she wasn’t around as much as she planned. It’s an inspiring story that has an incredible resolution.   Learn more about Tiffany by visiting her website at
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    Episode 35: I Am More Than My Divorce Experience


    While most divorces will have a catalyst event that leads to the divorce, such as addiction or infidelity, Kiki had a different experience. For some, divorce happens from within. We don’t hear from them often, but we should. Kiki’s divorce came when she and her ex-husband realized that they loved each other but were also growing apart. This week on The Divorce Doctor Podcast, I interviewed Kiki Orr. A novice blogger and host of Just Bloom, a podcast that reminds all of us it’s never too late to find happiness. Kiki’s divorce allowed her to bloom into a new woman, one that refuses to settle and finds validation in her heart.   Learn more about Kiki by visiting her website at 
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    Episode 34: Stop Hoping Your Narcissist Will Change


    Tracy Malone’s divorce was described to her as, “the most tortured” in her town’s history by her judge. After seven hearings and a slew of false allegations, Tracy was legally removed from her narcissistic ex, but their relationship left her with lessons she would never forget. From this she became a coach, author, and founder of Tracy takes pride in making lemons out of lemonade and sharing it with everyone! This week on the Divorce Doctor Podcast, I had the privilege of interviewing Tracy. She fearlessly dives into her experience with narcissism within her family and marriage. Tracy’s presence is calming, assuring, and inspiring. Her insight proves that you can heal from narcissistic abuse with the right support.  Learn more about Tracy by visiting her website at There you can also find support if you are or know someone who is experiencing narcissistic abuse.
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    Episode 33: Give Your Kids a Childhood They Don’t Have To Recover From


    Life moves fast, and sometimes you may feel like you have no power in the direction of it’s flow. True freedom is recognizing that you always have autonomy over your life, and that you can and should make the decisions that work best for you. Janine Wirth, the trauma whisper, is an internationally recognized trauma expert, licensed psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and business coach. She helps women worldwide heal and create impact fun and financial freedom. In this episode, Janine and I discussed her marriage at 19 years old, the power of learning to enjoy your own company, and giving your children a childhood they won’t need to recover from.   Learn more about Janine by visiting her website at 
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    Episode 32: I Couldn’t Stay Even if It Was Easier


    It can be hard to do what’s best for yourself. It takes time, hope, and a whole lot of courage to make the leap toward a more fulfilling life. My recent guest on the Divorce Doctor Podcast shows us a beautiful example of what it takes to show up for yourself. “Joyologist” Tricia Huffman is on a mission to inspire you to claim your joy and own who you are.  While living out her first dream as a touring sound engineer, she saw that everyone, including the people we think “have it all” often still don’t feel fulfilled enough and fight doubts, fears, and worries everyday. With her unique background and knowledge in self-care and wellness, and the entertainment world, she first created her “Joyology” to keep artists healthy, grounded and inspired in body and mind while on tour. She works with everyone from Grammy Award winning artists to stay at home moms, to become and commit to the person they know they are capable of being deep down and keep them in integrity with who they want to be in the world and most importantly for themselves. In this episode, Tricia and I discussed the experience of coming to terms with the fact that someone who you really love may not always be the right match for you, and how to find the courage to believe in yourself.   Learn more about Tricia by visiting her website at

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