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Patty Alcivar Professional Boxer, Marathoner and Alpine Mountaineer

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Meet Patricia Alcivar of Queens NY. Patty is a professional boxer, marathoner and alpine mountaineer. Patty was raised by two Colombian emigrants in Queens N.Y. Her father left when she was just eight years of age. At the age of 16 Patty set out to run a marathon and immediately knew she needed to leave home and set out on her own.

Patty is a Two Time NYC Golden Gloves Champion, USA Nationals Champion, NY Metro Champion, Western States Champion and first female to be voted "Athlete Of The Year" by the United States Olympic Committee.

In recent years, Patty has discovered a passion in Alpine Mountaineering and has set a lofty goal of climbing the 7 Summits Of The World.

We discuss Patty's incredible journey from childhood to a select female mountaineer.

Learn more about Patty at:

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    Mental Toughness and Resilence. These are two sought after skills and attributes for many. But are then innate or learned and conditioned? I don't know but my buddy Riley Smith and I sit down to discuss. Riley is a former US Naval Academy Graduate a 2x US Navy Triathlon Team All American and a 2x member of the US Navy Triathlon Championship Team member and a Surface Warfare Officer. It isn't just his military experience that I knew would make him a great contributor to this topic but it is also his constant zest for life. Join us as we dive into the topic and try to bring out the tactics we have used or sought to build on both these attributes. Enjoy! 
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    Steve Maxwell - Episode 112 Legendary BJJ Martial Arts Instructor and Fitness Professional


    "There is nothing new under the sun, it's how you put it together" - Steve Maxwell Steve's early years of wrestling in high school and at West Chester University along with his studies in Exercise Science, put him on a life path of passion for fitness. Steve was one of the earliest students in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, training with the Gracie family including the famed Grand Master Hélio Gracie along with Royce Gracie, Rorion Gracie and Reslon Gracie. Steve has traveled the world teaching and learning various styles of martial arts, philosophies and fitness modalities. He has truly lived a life of mastery and exploration of fitness and well being. We dive into the early days of BJJ and walk through some of his experiences. Today Steve still spends his time, teaching, coaching and exploring fitness concepts and applications. You can follow Steve on Instagram @stevemaxwellsc and at Dive in! 
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    NZD Mindset Guided Meditation For Sleep


    In this episode you are guided through a short meditation exercise to assist in relaxation and sleep. Combined with breathing and visualization this short episode is designed to relieve stress and calm you. 
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    Hillary Allen - Ultra Runner and Sky Running Champion


    Join me as we speak to one of the most successful and inspiring ultra running athletes in the world. Don't let her contagious smile mislead you, Hillary Allen is a warrior, driven and disciplined but fun and full of endless adventure.  Hillary’s career as an endurance athlete has not been straightforward. Through injury, setbacks and unexpected challenges, Hillary’s had to re-think what she considers impossible. Early in her career, Hillary earned the nickname “Hillygoat” when she proved her ability to run fast on steep, technical mountain terrain –  a style of running known as Skyrunning.  Since then, she has raced all over the world, racking up wins and course records, establishing herself as one of the best mountain ultra runners in the world. In 2017 she had a life threatening accident, where she fell 150 feet off of a ridge-line during a Skyrace in Tromsø, Norway. She was told she would never run again. After several years of rehab and recovery, Hillary made a full recovery and returned to elite level racing, racing some of her longest and most challenging events post-accident. She maintains the belief that ‘your best athletic days are ahead of you, if you’re willing to work hard for what you love.’ Hillary also studies and teaches science, using her masters degree in neuroscience and physiology and structural biology. She is also a trail running coach, and a gravel cyclist. Hillary just launched a book:  Out And Back - A Runner's Story Of Survival Against All Odds 
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    Professional Triathlete Legend Karen Smyers Episode 111


    The world of triathlon has a few legends but not many with a 30 year professional career.  Karen Smyers competed as a professional triathlete for 30 years. In her lengthy career, she won seven National and four World Championship titles, including a dramatic come-from-behind victory in the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships in 1995. Her victory at the short-course ITU Triathlon World Championship just 5 weeks later still earns her the distinction of being the only woman ever to win triathlon’s two most prestigious races in the same year. Her career didn't come without challenges and injuries. At what might have been considered the peak of her career she suffered  a severed hamstring muscle by shard of broken glass. An unexpected time-out but a welcome chance to begin a family.  Karen also had a near fatal bike accident after being struck by an eighteen-wheeler while training, and a battle with thyroid cancer, which prompted Sports Illustrated to name her “The Triathlete Most Likely to Be Eaten by a Shark” in Sydney. Instead, she came back to win her seventh Elite National Championship title in August of 2001, just a week shy of her 40 th birthday. Karen was honored by her induction into USA Triathlon’s and the International Triathlon Union’s Halls of Fame in both of their inaugural years. In May 2020, Karen has the honor of serving as the women’s coach of Team USA for the inaugural Collins Cup, an event modeled after golf’s Ryder Cup to bring professional triathlon to a new level of notoriety and value. Currently, she shares her experience, optimism, and passion for racing as a coach, motivational speaker and race organizer with her newly launched company Gallivant Racing. She has spearheaded the all-volunteer-managed Lincoln Kids Triathlon for the past 17 years. She is a 1983 graduate of Princeton University and lives in Lincoln, MA with daughter Jenna, son Casey, and husband and frequent training partner Michael King. Let's meet Karen Smyers! 
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    Episode 110. Dr. Adam Graves - Natural Medicine - We talk Hormones, Weight Loss, Health and Natural Medicine


    Dr. Adam Graves’ journey toward natural medicine began back in college when he started seeking natural treatments for his severe asthma and allergies. He decided to become a naturopathic doctor after his father’s struggles and death from cardiovascular disease. Dr. Graves believes in the body's ability to heal itself and utilizes therapies that are safe, natural and effective. Every illness has an underlying cause; Dr. Graves is trained to find and remove those underlying causes. He works alongside his patients, encouraging them to take an active role in their health. He combines his diverse background and experience with tools and wisdoms from Eastern and Western medicine, providing true integrative health care. His practice incorporates many effective therapies including acupuncture, clinical nutrition,  dietary therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and behavioral medicine. Trained as a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, Dr. Graves has worked with a wide range of health conditions. He specializes in complex cases, pain management, digestive disorders, infertility and pediatrics. Dr. Graves is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Licensed Acupuncturist. He received his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters of Science in Acupuncture at Bastyr University, in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Graves has a passion for helping his patients in their journey towards health. 
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    NOZERODAYS and it’s beginning. The backstory. A chat with Brian Linder of A Hundred Words Podcast


    We dive deeply into some early childhood experiences, hardships and setbacks that I faced in pursuing my dreams. We discuss the beginning of NOZERODAYS and what that ethos meant to me and how it began. The conversation takes listeners through my journey and the process of chasing dreams and overcoming challenges and my quest to take on a personal physical challenge I call the Iron Mountain Man. It was a attempt to be the first to complete an Ironman distance event solo above 10,000ft of elevation. We discuss that day and a near death experience with severe hypothermia. Join us and be sure to check out Brian's work at A Hundred Words. 
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    The Nutrition Mechanic - Dina Griffin Episode 109


    New Years 2021, Making goals and changes? Is diet or nutrition part of that? Join me as we speak to The Nutrition Mechanic Dina Griffin.  Dina Griffin is the Chief Fueling Officer of The Nutrition Mechanic, a nutrition coaching company based out of Boulder, Colorado. She serves to optimize the health and performance of active and athletic individuals worldwide through one-on-one coaching and online group coaching programs. As a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Sports Dietitian, she blends science-based and evidence-informed strategies along with “real life” considerations to individualize nutrition plans for each athlete. Her passion areas include working with female athletes and masters athletes, as well as supporting individuals who have a metabolic condition or disease. You can learn more about her at
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    The Legendary Frank Zane


    Frank Zane doesn't need an introduction to most. He is a three time Mr. Olympia a three time Mr. Universe a Mr. America and Mr. World among many other titles and wins. Mr. Zane was one of only three people in the history of professional body building to have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Frank was born in Kingston PA a small coal mining town in NEPA. He began bodybuilding at 14 years of age.  Mr. Zane holds a BS in Secondary Education from Wilkes College and a Masters in Psychology from Cal State.   From humble beginnings but full of discipline he went on to become on of the top 10 legends in the sport of body building.    We talk about his youth and the early days of training at the iconic Golds Gym in Venice, CA to present day hobbies and fitness. Join us! 
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    Tri Talk with USA Triathlon Chief Sport Development Officer- Tim Yount


    Tim Yount is the Chief Sport Development Officer for USA Triathlon. In his 30 years with USAT he remains one of the biggest champions of the sport.  Tim is the longest-tenured employee with USAT and began his career as an intern. Tim has served in a number of leadership roles with USAT but one thing has remained consistent and that is his unyielding enthusiasm and dedication to the sport.  We talk USAT history, the evolution of the sport, current initiatives and development. Let's talk Triathlon! 

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