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Nothing But The Blues #752

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Bobby Mack & Night Train (Somebody's Reading My Mail); The Nighthawks (Poor Me); Big Maybelle (Don't Leave Poor Me); Sugar Ray & The Bluetones (I Came Down with The Blues); Lightnin' Slim (Mean Ole Lonesome Train); Johnny Ace (How Can You Be So Mean); Heather Lockhart (Hard Times Come Again No More); Jimi "Primetime" Smith & Bob Corritore (I Got The World In A Jug); Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early (Jug Of Wine); Georgia Boyd (Never Mind Blues); Kansas Katie (Don't You Know Me); Sweet Claudette (That Man's Got To Go); Robert Lee "Chicago Bob" Nelson & Blue Kerosene (Keep What I Got); Kara Grainger (Dreamed I Was The Devil); Black River Bluesman & The Croaking Lizard (Too Long); Yank Rachell (Early In The Morning). 

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