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Item #364 11/18/2021 The NDE Of Xue-Mei C

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Xue-Mei C was raised by a very strict and authoritarian father. While in college she was an active member of the communist party and a self-described die-hard atheist with no attachments to any religion or superstitions. This would all change in 1995 when she had an allergic reaction to a medication. Chas reads from the …

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    Item #375 1/17/2022 The NDEs Of Sharon W, Benedicte F, And Ceire C


    In her NDE, Sharon W was visited by three entities including her deceased dog. Benedicte F experienced unconditional like she can’t describe during her NDE. And Cerie C was in cardiac arrest for 25 minutes. Chas reads from the NDERF website. Read Sharon W’s complete NDE on the NDERF website. Read Benedicte F’s complete NDE …
  • NDE Podcast podcast

    Item 374 1/11/22 The NDEs Of Zenaida, Shirley D, And Missy M


    Zenaida was 7 months pregnant when she had her NDE in January of 1976. While she was unconscious for 25 minutes, her experience seemed like 5 million years because time was endless. Shirley D’s NDE occurred in November of 1995 when she tried to take her own life. While under anesthesia in January of 2016, …
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    Item 373 1/4/22 The NDE Of A Taiwan University Student


    In a spit second during the crash, this female Taiwan University Student entered into another realm. Chas reads from the NDERF website. Read the entire account of this Taiwan University Student’s NDE on the NDERF website.
  • NDE Podcast podcast

    Item 372 1/1/2022 The NDE Of Russell Ricks


    Chas interviews Russell Ricks who talks about his childhood NDE and his book, “Remember: A Little Boy’s Near-Death Experience.” REMEMBER: A LITTLE BOY’S NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE BY RUSSELL RICKS Purchase the Amazon Kindle Book. Visit Russell Ricks’ Fine Art website.
  • NDE Podcast podcast

    Item #371 12/28/2021 The NDE Of Michael; Divine Masculinity And Divine Femininity


    In 2010 Michael had a stroke secondary to an overdose. During his experience he experienced a Divine masculine energy in relation to a Divine feminine energy. Chas reads from the NDERF website. Read Michael’s complete NDE account on the NDERF website.
  • NDE Podcast podcast

    Item #370 12/21/2021 The NDE Of MaErija


    MaErija realized at a very tender age that she was not a welcomed baby. MaErija experienced her NDE when her mother attempted to murder her. Chas reads from the NDERF website. Read MaErija’s complete NDE account on the NDERF website.
  • NDE Podcast podcast

    Item #369 12/14/2021 The NDE Of Marc M


    Marc M experienced many, many dimensions during his NDE. Chas reads from the NDERF website. Read Marc M’s complete NDE on the NDERF website.
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    Item #368 12/7/2021 Listener E-Mail 12/21


    Chas reads and comments from listener E-Mail. Thank you to everyone who listens to the show, writes to us, calls us, leaves reviews on iTunes and supports us on via Patreon. You are a blessing beyond description to Chas and John. And thank you Jody and Jeff at the NDERF.
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    Item #367 12/3/2021 The NDEs Of Laetitia V And Virginie R


    In March, 2003 Laetitia underwent gallbladder surgery. The next thing she knew she was out of her body and in a dark tunnel with people wandering around. Virginie flatlined in the ICU and rose up to the ceiling. She also entered a tunnel where deceased family members were. Then, her brother, Philippe (who had transitioned …
  • NDE Podcast podcast

    Item #366 11/30/2021 The NDE Of Marilyn L


    Marilyn L experienced her first NDE in 1965 when she was 10 years old and hurricane Betsy hit her childhood home head-on. Her second NDE was 10 years later. Chas reads from the NDERF website. Read Marilyn Ls complete NDE on the NDERF website.

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