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A true crime podcast discussing unsolved mysteries both past and present.

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  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E57 Ghosts, Greed & More Conversations with Dogs


    In today's episode we will discuss S1E7 of Unsolved Mysteries where my boy Robbie Stack wraps up our discussion about whether or not David Berkowitz (the son of Sam) acted alone. We also discuss hauntings at the longest running inns in America and two cases of greed that end in the deaths of two incredibly sweet people. Guess what y'all? There are updates!!  SOURCES: Unsolved Mysteries S1E7
  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E56 A Bible Belt Double Murder, Beans in a Can & Conversations with Dogs


    Today we will cover Unsolved Mysteries S1E6 hosted by the love of my life Mr. Robert Stack
  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

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  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E55 The Tragic Love Story Behind the Boldt Castle


    It's time for another (delayed) on location episode. The Boldts were not only head over heels in love but, they were also  self-made millionaires in the late 1800s. George decided the best way to forever symbolize their mutual love, adoration and sacrifices would be to surprise his sweetheart with a custom designed castle for Valentine's Day. His only rule for his architects? Spare no expense! But Louise Boldt wouldn't live to see the castle's completion and George Boldt would never again return to the island. Find out why in today's episode. SOURCES: Literature that can be found on the Boldt Castle Pamphlet Personal experience Wikipedia Most tours of the castle have poor production quality but this one is really great if you want a tour of the place   SONGS: Melting Waltz & Ghost Waltz by Abel Korzeniowski The Swam by Camille Sait-Saens, Sebastian Comberti, Miriam Keogh  
  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E54 Whatever Happened to the Sodder Children?


    Everybody loves firefighters right? Well, maybe not these ones from West Virginia... They seem super sketch. On Christmas Eve 1945 The Sodder home caught fire. 4/9 children escaped. The others... who knows? Bones were never found in the rubble and sightings of the 5 missing children were reported the night of up to years after the incident. The Sodder family has NEVER stopped searching for the truth. Listen and find out why this "accidental fire" might not be so cut & dry. SOURCES: Wikipedia Buzzfeed Unsolved
  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E53 Her name was Elizabeth Short.


    Her name was Elizabeth Short. You probably don't know her by that name but, you definitely know who she is. Today we will be discussing LA's oldest, most infamous, unsolved murder.  SOURCES: Cold Cases by Cheyna Roth Buzzfeed Unsolved, The Black Dahlia Revisited Wikipedia Songs: Near you by Francis Craig (the #1 song in 1947) Songs from the Black Dahlia Sountrack That's my Story by Collin Raye
  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E52 The Infamous Case of the Zodiac Killer


    I know, I know! It's been far too long since we posted a new episode. So, to make it up to you, we will be covering one of the most infamous unsolved crimes in the history of cold cases: The Zodiac Killer.   SOURCES:  Cold Cases, a book written by Cheyna Roth Buzzfeed Unsolved: Zodiac Killer Songs: Birthday by the Beatles Closed Case by Jelena    
  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E51 Lizzie Borden


    Lizzie Borden has been a fascination amongst true crime lovers for over a century. In fact tomorrow (August 4th) marks the 129th anniversary of the deaths of Abby and Andrew Borden. There are many mysteries surrounding this case. 1) If Lizzie Borden did kill her parents, how on Earth dis she get away with it and 2) If it wasn't Lizzie... who did kill them? We'll discuss 4 theories surrounding this mystery and you can decide for yourself: Was Lizzie guilty or not guilty? SOURCES: LGTC Podcast E32
  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E50 The Murderer Next Door


    If you watched my live last week then this might sound familiar. If you didn't catch it then you are in for a real treat-- because I'm telling you hear AND with MORE details.  This ACTUALLY happened to me. I ACTUALLY lived this. And you know what? I now TOTALLY understand how you can live next door to a murderer and not know a single thing. SOURCES: MYSELF!!!
  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E49 Babes, Planes & Trains: A Recap of UM S1E5


    In today's episode we will be recapping Season 1, Episode 5 of Unsolved Mysteries with Mr. Robert Stack. We will learn about 3 cases involving, you guessed it... Babes, Planes & Trains. One of these cases, in particular is literally NUTSO. You go from thinking, "Oh this is the case of two teenage boys who suffered a terrible accident" to... possible drug trafficking? a potential police coverup?! The Clintons?! A PRO WWE wrestler?!  I told you!!!  This ish is BANANAS. None of the cases we'll discuss today are anywhere close to being solved... but as my BF Robbie
  • Mystery Still Unsolved podcast

    E48 The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart


    Today’s episode is a highly requested one. Mostly by my mother but there were many others who agreed that you would love to hear an episode done on this iconic and incredible woman and it’s only fitting that we cover her story in July as this year marks the 84th year since she went missing. Who am I talking about? Well only the most famous woman of her time, Ms. Amelia Earhart, of course.   SOURCES:

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