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These guided affirmations will help the law of attraction work for you and help you think in a way that will bring you what you WANT, not what you fear! The most listened to affirmation MP3 from will be posted every month, along with other great stuff.

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  • My Thought Coach podcast

    Fit & Lean Holiday


    Affirmations to look and feel better after the holiday than you did when it started! Your feelings and actions always start with a thought. You get to choose the sentences in your head, so make sure they match what you want most. I got you.
  • My Thought Coach podcast

    The Family Gathering


    Imagine getting together with your people without one moment of feeling shame, defensive, wanting to hide, complaining or feeling miserable. Possible? Absolutely. It starts with the dirty "should" word.
  • My Thought Coach podcast

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  • My Thought Coach podcast

    Relationship Trouble


    Our relationships with other people can press every button we have. This episode features Stin and her best friend Lincoln as they discuss how difficult relationships can be, especially now. Stay tuned at the end for a free track.
  • My Thought Coach podcast

    Overeating, Overdrinking and PANIC


    Move past whatever you do to avoid fully experiencing your life--especially the things that are taking the highest toll on you.
  • My Thought Coach podcast

    This Too Will Pass


    This contemplation meditative technique could dramatically improve your life right now.
  • My Thought Coach podcast

    Episode 5 For Worry, Fear and Panic


    The feelings of anxiety happening right now are normal and manageable. This will help in the transition time happening right now.
  • My Thought Coach podcast

    Episode 4 --Anxiety


    Today’s episode springs from a question that came in from one of my listeners. It is about anxiety. It stood out to me because I know that she is not alone in having these kinds of feelings. Meditation at the end to tie it all together.
  • My Thought Coach podcast

    Episode 3- Surrender


    These stories and the guided meditation at the end are about learning to trust and let things happen. Relief enters our lives when we release our attachments to what no longer serves us.
  • My Thought Coach podcast

    Episode 2


    Today’s podcast is about how to be okay in really hard situations.
  • My Thought Coach podcast

    Episode 1


    Your path is not set. Discussion with Meagan on why you ought to be keenly interested in your emotional state. Bonus guided affirmations at the end. The first in a series with Stin on how to be a calmer and better human.

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