The Grind Podcast podcast

The Grind Podcast

Muley Freak

The Grind Podcast, hosted by Erik Van Woerkom is a hunting podcast that varies in topics of shooting, bow hunting, ammo, behind the scenes of hunts, and anything else hunting-related.

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  • The Grind Podcast podcast
  • The Grind Podcast podcast

    Episode 19: The Importance Of Carrying a Sidearm While Hunting


    Erik and Aaron sit down with Cody Osborn, Marketing Manager of Walther Arms. They share insight and stories of why it is important to carry during hunts.
  • The Grind Podcast podcast

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  • The Grind Podcast podcast

    Episode 018: Unpublished - The Behind The Scenes Grind of the Film "Last Chance"


    Erik sits down with Payton who filmed and edited "Last Chance" on the Muley Freak YouTube channel. They give more insight on what happens during this freezing one day adventure chasing mule deer in the rut in November. They had multiple challenges with the weather and hunting a unit they've never been in but ultimately came out on top with a buck.
  • The Grind Podcast podcast

    Episode 017: 6.5 PRC on Elk with Seth Swerczek


    Erik sits down with Seth Swerczek from Hornady to discuss about the 6.5 PRC. They give a little more background on how we have the 6.5 PRC. They mention the rapid growth and popularity that it has had in just the few years its been available. They breakdown situations and shot distances when it is and not a good idea to use the 6.5 PRC and how it is a great caliber to chase Elk and other big game.
  • The Grind Podcast podcast

    Episode 016: Extreme Mountain Hunting with Justin Shaffer


    Erik and Justin Shaffer sit down and talk about how they came to know each other. They talk about Ibex and what caught there attention to chasing these goats all over the world. Justin and Erik go more in depth on some of there extreme hunts that they have been on and what they learned from these experiences. They talk about problems most people face when hunting extreme places and how rewarding it is to chase these animals that live in unique places.
  • The Grind Podcast podcast

    Episode 015: Squaring Up On Your Rifle with Travis Stevens


    Erik sits down with Travis Stevens. They talk about some of the success that Travis has had recently in the National Rifle League. The experience that he has gained there and how it has helped him with guiding and preparing those he guides to make and take an ethical shot. Erik and Travis talk about shooting form and what you can do to have better front and rear support when your behind the gun.
  • The Grind Podcast podcast

    Episode 014: Hunting Mule Deer in Old Mexico with Spencer Bratt


    Erik sits down with Spencer Bratt from Old Mexico Hunting Co. They talk about hunting in Mexico and what expectations you should have. Erik has taken multiple trips to Mexico and highlights why it's so important to go with the right outfitter. He recalls his hunt that took with Spencer and the success that he had harvesting two great bucks.
  • The Grind Podcast podcast

    Episode 013: Built for Western Hunting with Mathews Engineer Mark Hayes


    Erik sits down with Mark Hayes, an engineer for Mathews Archery Inc. Mark Hayes has worked for Mathews Archery Inc. for 10 years. He talks about the growth that Mathews has had over the past few years and what drives them to continue to grow and improve their bows year after year. They compare the differences between western and eastern hunting and how being comfortable with you bow is key to success.
  • The Grind Podcast podcast

    Episode 012: Carbon Fiber Barrels with Proof Research's Engineers


    Erik speaks with Ben White (Weapons Development Engineer) and Nathan Bishop (Marketing Specialist) from proof research. Erik talks about when he decided to make the switch to Carbon barrels and the benefit that he has seen with proof barrels. Nathan and Ben give us more insight on the technology behind proof barrels. Why the military uses them and why you should too.
  • The Grind Podcast podcast

    Episode 011: Prairie Goats with Connor Brockhouse


    Aaron, Erik and Connor go more in depth about their early season Pronghorn hunt. The struggles that came with chasing these animals with a bow during a drought year and the success that they all had. Connor talks about how he got into chasing Pronghorn and gives us more insight on the mule deer buck that he harvested with his bow that was shown in the film.

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