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Lianne McAughey: The Spiritual Shiftworker on How to Create Life with More Ease & Manage the Time You Have

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In this episode, Lianne and I unpack the difficulties of living a holistic life with the demands of motherhood, career, and especially for her -shiftwork. We have a candid conversation exploring the importance of taking agency over our lives and not allowing time to simply pass by but instead acting on the urgency of what it takes to have a well-lived life.

Lianne is a Productivity and Meditation Coach for busy Shiftworking Moms.

For the last 22 years, Lianne has served her community as a Police Officer in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, as well as a certified Meditation Teacher and Nutrition Coach. Lianne's mission is to encourage people to stop living on autopilot and to be intentional with the time that they have. She knows how life can change in an instant.

Through Meditation, Lianne helps her clients slow down, release overwhelm, and return to living in the present moment so they can create more time to do the things that light them up.

Learn more about Lianne’s 21-day “Shift into Meditation” self-paced program. (REGULAR PRICE)



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