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Filmmaker Emily Branham and The Power of Incremental Progress

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This is my conversation with filmmaker Emily Branham who specializes in unexpected, intimate, and deeply human films about artists. We speak about her first feature documentary, BEING BEBE, which premiered at Tribeca Festival, was a New York Times Critic’s Pick, and won Jury & Audience Awards on its festival tour across 5 continents. She directs, produces, and edits short documentaries for clients including Lincoln Center, AT&T, and JP Morgan. Originally from Minneapolis, Emily studied film at Northwestern University and is currently based in New York City.

In this episode, we chat about how she simplified her life to slowly, steadily, and independently finish & release a feature documentary over the course of 15+ years. 

We also talk about her documentary BEING BEBE and the impact campaign/community empowerment tour for 2023. 

Emily's tool for you wellness toolkit: You can do anything for 25 minutes. I have a "shaky clock" timer that you can very easily set for 5-, 25-, or 45-minute chunks, and 25-minutes is the perfect amount of time to allow yourself to write a hard email, pick up around the house, do some morning journaling or anything else that you want to knock out and are having a hard time getting started with. I thrive on deadlines, and if you focus, 25 minutes can be just right!

 Be sure to check in with Emily to follow along with her new podcast about pursuing creative dreams, You Can Fly Too, coming very soon! You can also follow Emily @emilybtv on Instagram and @beingbebemovie on all things social.

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