The Madelyn Moon Show (Previously Mind Body Musings) podcast

The Madelyn Moon Show (Previously Mind Body Musings)

Maddy Moon

Hi, I’m Madelyn Moon… your mythic relationship magician. The Madelyn Moon Show is a dating and relationship podcast that explores the deeper questions about love that most women are dying to be let in on: how do I become a match for my dream king? What does it feel like to live with devotion yet lead with sovereignty? Is it possible to transmute my most painful wounds into my biggest gifts in love? How do I make my relationship the most expansive, expressive and exciting place for me to pour my heart into? We'll treat relationships as if they are a yoga itself — you will learn how to take the posture of love through storytelling, myth, personal experience, human behavior and personal expression. Through solo explorations and immersive, heartfelt, deep AF conversations, I bet my bottom dolla you'll be looking forward to your bi-weekly dose of modern love, ancient practice and artful intimacy.

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